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THOR Tom Thordarson Storytelling Sketch video's!! Come share a memmorie!!!

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THOR's posted on Tue, Jun 2, 2015 9:48 AM

I want to share something, that for all creative minds, I hope will bring a smile! Every artist, no matter the form, creates based on inspiration. In "Tiki" it's also about the past memories we have. Maybe with parents at a restaurant, or as in these stories, the adventures I had as a kid that shaped my mind and sense for adventure as an adult. Please check these out! More of these to come...and more stories on my Facebook pages and site blog I know all will enjoy and relate to! Think of these as my "video sketch-book"..I just draw up a childhood memmorie and tell the story as you see the sketches. These are true stories! They were the very beginning of my inspirations that lead later to Tiki and the paintings I do that you are all familiar with. ENJOY!! Go to these links below and please share your own thoughts or adventures here!! ALOHA!




[ Edited by: THOR's 2015-06-02 09:57 ]

That's some pretty awesome stuff! Love the tree house story in particular. Reminds me of the mischief we used to get into as a kid.

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