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Hanford or ? Who's bar is this?

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Hi Hanford and TCers,
Who’s bar is this on the TC Photo Archives.
I did a couple of searches and found no threads. It's not important, I just wanted to commend the person on their creative work, and was hoping if there were more pics of a party happenin there or not. Also bars like this goota have great stories to tell.
Just Wonderin and thanks!


Even since my wife saw that pic she's been talking about how she wants a swinging bar like that one.


I was at Magaritaville (it was the only bar in the airport) in the Montego bay airport waiting for my plane and they also had cool wooden swings for seats with cup holders.

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I don't know who submitted the picture, but my guess it it belongs to Tongue-n-Groove Tiki Bar.

Oh, and here's a post about it:



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