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An exotic moment on talk radio

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I was listening to Mike Webb (Seattle's funniest and only liberal talk radio host) yesterday and he was pondering in what way George W might be celebrating his birthday. Then Webb related how growing up in San Francisco he used to take his mom to the Tonga Room in the Fairmont Hotel. As he was describing the Tonga Room he started playing Martin Denny's "Quiet Village". He waxed romantic about the Tonga Room for a bit then took another call, letting Denny continue to play in the background. Right off he asked the caller, a woman who described herself as "old enough to have lived through World War Two", what she thought of the music. "I don't care for it," the woman said quickly as she continued with her none too insightful point about terrorists. "This is 'Quiet Village' by Martin Denny!" Webb interupted. The woman was unimpressed and continued rambling on, which Webb let her do as he messed with level controls so as to create an impromptu sort of Martin Denny-spoken word piece. Sure, it's a bit obvious to use your callers for this sort of gag but at least the soundtrack was good.


speaking of talk radio and making fun of the idiots who call in, everyone should know about the phil hendrie show http://www.philhendrieshow.com/
Every day more of the audience realizes it's a gag (Phil is doing the voices), but leave it up to the conservative idiots who call into talk radio to entertain us all with their cluelessness

This is amusing.Given all the references I hear in the media about "the liberal media"-I have yet to hear ANY liberal commentators with their own shows on any of the mainstream radio stations. In Minnesota the airwaves are constantly innundated with conservative liberal-bashers.
This leads me to wonder, with Conservatives in charge of all branches of government after the last election-who will they bash now? Liberals now seem to have a minimal chance at being"obstructionist".
Oh, and the conservative commentators I have heard here NEVER play anything near as cool as Martin Denny on their shows. It's usually some mindless noise like ZZ Top.

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