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The Curse of Greg Brady

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I'm curious - does anyone else out there who wears a tiki idol necklace (and who doesn't?) get asked continuously if they're mimicking Greg Brady in that stupid surfing episode? I even got this in Hawaii - from Hawaiians! I just wrote a piece for "Too Much Coffee Man" magazine on Tiki Culture (due out in the Fall) and the gist of it is that even though tiki iconography is currently trendy in all aspects of our culture, most mainstream minions still think Tiki - a postwar phenom that peaked in the 50s and 60s - basically derives from a 70s sitcom episode. This is truly pathetic.

Anyone else constantly put in this position of explaining/defending their tiki necklace while out in the cluess world, or is it just me?

There has been much discussion of the aforementioned Brady tiki. See:


Be sure to read the dissertation ... it's hilarious!



(my humble offering on the topic)


Yep, all the time.


That dissertation was hilarious! Any idea who wrote it?

~Tex (proud tiki necklace wearer)

I remember way back (too far back) when Hawaii produced tiki idol pendants that were made out of real sculpted lava rock. I had one for a while as a kid, and wore it (ah, the memories), and the thing was heavy, and one day it snapped the string and disappeared.

A couple of years later I bought another one, only to find that it was strangely lightweight. The darn thing was made out of plastic...because the sale of Hawaiian lava rock items had been outlawed. Well, I'm glad this happened (it was bound to eventually), but I wish I had kept that original pendant in a safe place...

Sorry, I'm way out of the loop here. I just plunged into these vast waters and am finding it very challenging to "catch up," so there's a good chance I'll be reviving long dead threads accidentally. I should've known this topic was already broached - it's just a particularly touchy thing with me (though hardly serious), but of course I wouldn't be alone in this community. Thanks for the link, though, I'll check it out.

Pages: 1 6 replies