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The Bruce Jenner Bicycle...Seriously

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I've had this for many years and I just decided to bring it out of the attic. I haven't even looked at it since I put it in storage. So I took some pictures to share here. I thought it was a boys bicycle but the frame shape is actually not either the typical boys or girls shape. I'm just saying it's somewhere in-between. I also just noticed that it does not have a kick stand. I don't know if it originally had one or not but it doesn't have one now. And I don't know if it ever had a basket on the front but there is not one on it now. But according to the chain guard it does have "Mag Force" whatever that is. I will air up the tires but I'm not sure if I will actually take it for a ride.


Ha! Well I'll take a WAG at the "Mag Force" and guess it refers to the mag wheels.


So you are going to take the Bruce Jenner Bicycle for a ride.
As Bruce Jenner, er Cait takes America for a ride.

Well the definitive question might be does it still have all its original equipment?

Pages: 1 3 replies