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Monty posted on Mon, Aug 4, 2003 4:39 AM

Friends, I am heading to Las Vegas for a few days next week -- what is the "must see" Tiki location out there?

Aloha and hajimemashite Monty, Vegas is a frequent topic here. I'm sure that everyone would be glad to provide you with tips on what to see and what to expect, but you may also want to use the forum search function to get more in depth information since Vegas seems to come up very often.

You may also want to pick up James Teitelbaum's "Tiki Road Trip" guide for additional info.

Monty posted on Mon, Aug 4, 2003 7:21 PM

Yoroshiku SubHip! I have been advised to look into Bosko's Taboo Cove, that is first on my list now, also, anyone, I wonder if there is any place in Vegas with live cheesy exotica music?

Search for Vegas in the Search option and also, pick up a copy of the book Tiki Road Trip, which is a must-have travel guide whenever you go anywhere.


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2003-08-04 19:45 ]

Not exotica music, but i always suggest (and have suggested in other posts...)
See Vargas at Balley's lounge 5-8:30 wed-sun
See Jerry Tiffe at the Stations Casinos OR Capazolli's Sat 11-3AM

Monty posted on Mon, Aug 4, 2003 9:48 PM

Thanks friends, I did use the search option and I will be heading to the Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill as well as Bosko's

head in to venus/taboo cove b4 the dance crowds hit.

The Tiki Bar at the Venus Lounge at the Venetian Hotel & Casino is well worth checking out. The service is sometimes sub-par and the cocktails are a little pricey but the decorations are First Class! Let us know what you think.


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