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New tiki bar opening in Pittsburgh

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Hi all,

I just posted this under another thread, but thought I'd share here.

If not already, a new tiki bar will soon be coming to life here on the southside of town. This neck of Pittsburgh is a very trendy/artsy area (coffee shops, bead shops, shops that sell '60s and 70s toys, performance artists, etc..). I'm not sure what it will be called, but I know that two very nice people were working on the outside facade a month ago when I walked by and did a double take. You enter the establishment through the mouth of a 10-15 foot tall tiki god. They informed me that the joint will have a working waterfall and will try to create the right atmosphere (no ESPN on TV, authentic drinks out of mugs and the sort). Time will tell, but if there's a location in this city where something like this will succeed, it's East Carson Street. I might even look into a night job there just to help keep things on track :wink: I'll make my report here sometime in the near future.
BTW, one of our city's resident celebrity performers, Sharon "Mama" Spell, is a rabid collector of tiki items (or so I've been told). I know that she was at Kahiki's last bash in August of last year. I'm sorry that I couldn't have made the short trip to Columbus to partake in the festivities. Take care.


Keep in touch with info. It might be worth the drive up there.


Wow. I got a mention on the Tiki Central Forum! That means I've really made it!

This is Sharon "Mama" Spell hacking into her husband's TC account. Mark "Sugar Daddy" Snyder and I got a sneak preview of the new Tiki bar yesterday and BOY IS IT NICE! They're using the Kahiki as the basis for their design. Thatched roofs inside, shell shaped sinks in the ladies' room, the floor is that organic slate pattern, bamboo bar...AND there is a bar for non-smokers in the basment. NON SMOKING BAR. In Pittsburgh. Really. No, really. Non-smoking.

It's all so reminiscent of the Kahiki, but I don't think this new bar has a gift shop. But isn't cirrhosis of the liver gift enough? Drink up!

They're aiming to open this Friday...

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So how was it?


Haven't had a chance to get down there yet. HOWEVER, we're going along tonight to check it out. I'll be taking my digital camera with me, so I'll post pics tonite.


What is the latest on this place?

I'll be near Pittsburgh week of Sept. 2. Is this place open yet, and if so, where exactly is it? If they have built it, I will come...

On 2002-07-20 13:42, Engorged Tiki wrote:
Haven't had a chance to get down there yet. HOWEVER, we're going along tonight to check it out. I'll be taking my digital camera with me, so I'll post pics tonite.

I'm starting to get concerned - maybe we should send out a search party...has anyone confirmed the existence of this place yet?? I'm heading to Ohio in September and would be interested in swinging by if its worth it...


I did a little research and it looks like the owners of The Lava Lounge (somewhere on East Carson Street) have opened a new Tiki Lounge at 2003 E. Carson St.
A friend of mine is going to be in Pittsburg next week. Can anyone in Pittsburg
give a report on this place?

Here's what I wrote about the place in my tome:

"Tiki Bar, 2003 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA (412) 381-8454

Pittsburgh’s only Tiki temple was opened in a trendy south side neighborhood in autumn 2002, and is said to be designed after Columbus’s universally missed Kahiki (right down to the shell sinks in the washrooms). One enters the two-story building through a mammoth Tiki, to find a bar across from some booths. The rear of the room contains a dance floor, and the basement level is a non-smoking bar. The TiPSY Factor here is high, clearly a lot of thought went into this Tiki Bar. Two waterfalls and plenty of Tikis exist among the dense foliage. Two glass display cases house a pair of cannibals. These mannequins appear to have been repatriated from some amusement park side show. Their patina makes them all the more interesting and adds further authenticity to the Tiki Bar. A slate floor and thatched roofing complete the vibe.
Drinks are in the $11 range, but each is matched to a different Tiki Mug, that is yours to keep. Outstanding!
The owners also have a club called Volcano Lounge; this temptingly titled club is not Tiki, however."

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