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video arcade game for tiki trades

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I am going to try again in the main area to see if I can reach more of you. I am interested in trading video arcade games (pacman, termpest and the like, nothing is newer than 1985) for tiki gear. I have 100+ video games. Now of course video games don't fit the classic tiki motif, but they were all over Hawaii when I used to go visiting. I spent most of my vacations in the undergroung parking garage at the Ala Moana Mall Arcade feeding the beasts. Let me know if I'm barking up the wrong palm, but a nice Pacman cocktail table is easy to fit in any tiki bar.


I want Berzerk



I just got handed "KLAX" and "B.Rap Boyz" from a client of mine. They must be 15 years old. I put them in my buddy's pizza place. I don't think shipping arcade games to Maui would be worth the trouble.

Have any pinball machines?


Ah... the Maui Wowie

An amusing anecdote: One of the first game I sold was a "Battletoads". I sold it to a DJ on Oahu who just had to have it. The game itself was 150.00 and the shipping was 450.00.

I do have some pinball machine as well.
Space Invaders, Pinbot, High Speed, Space Station just to name a few.

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