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Worst Thing/Gift Received For Tiki Bar

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Ever since I began collecting Tiki, individuals have been providing me as gifts/ items that they feel would be of interest. In all cases I feel that it is important to include and display in the bar. The problem is that in many instances the item/gift/thingy is not appropriate nor is it something that I would have wanted for myself. (I know I am sounding ungrateful). I tend to be particular about what I present in the bar.

Recently my son, who is on the verge of becoming an appreciator of tiki (especially since I got him a Shecky mug) gave me for fathers day a dart board that he wanted set up in the bar. My son spent a lot of his own money for the board (for those that have children know that kids and their money do not part). My first thought is to go ahead and modify it since it does have wooden folding doors. I don't want to offend him so it is hung in the bar.

I guess this is a question for Ms. Manners. Has anyone encountered this before and how did they handle?


I completely understand your concern, and this is what you do! Keep all things that are un-tiki in a big box labled with the names of who gave 'em to you.

When ever they come over, quickly grab those items out of the box and set 'em up for display!

Everybody happy now.

You know Bong, now that you have revealed that little secret, each and every one of us local TC'ers are going to present you with the uuuuuuugliest gifts we can find for your bar area so not only will you have to store them, you will have to display ALL of them at once when we all gather at your place again!


Swanky posted on Tue, Aug 5, 2003 5:26 PM

I try to discourage that sort of buying for me. Few people can buy to my taste, and they know who they are. If anyone wants to add to the Tiki Bar, I suggest rums and mixers I need and thus we can both enjoy them.

Unfortunately you are in a jam. It's your son. It's too late! But you need to get him in the habit of running these things by your wife or others first so that they can lead him into a better selection. If my daughter wanted to get me something, she could go shopping with Kiliki and get it.


Hope your son doesn't read TC!

Here's something ugly for you Bong
I'll bring it down in a couple weeks and I expect you to display it in a very visible place. HAHA.

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Well meaning family members insist on buying me Alaskan style totem poles and Mayan themed statuary! I think I have 4 of 'em now and I can't bear to hurt any feelings so they hang around in the back of the shelves. One of the totem poles is actually pretty cool in it's own respect - looks like a vintage souvenir from Alaska and stands about 2 feet tall!

On another note - on the opposite end of the scale I just received one of the best tiki gifts ever - I have a co-worker originally from Clarendon Jamaica who went back home to visit last week. I sent her on the mission to find Ray and Nephew Pimento Liquer, she spent all week looking for the stuff and before boarding the plane found it in the Kingston airport. I'm totally psyched - best gift ever!


Aloha from the enchanted Pi Yi Grotto in exotic Bel Air MD!

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laney posted on Wed, Aug 6, 2003 3:56 AM

I think that's a very thoughtful gift. You can play with him. You guys could also tiki it out together. Find a giant tiki fork and spoon, cut the handles off and attach them to the doors, bamboo would work too. Or have your son help you paint some palm trees and a tiki on the front. You could even paint the dart board. Turn it into a gift you'll treasure forever.

When we would go into a mall or some Florida trinket shop I would often see this Carribean Soul T-shirt -- the guys who do all the Jimmy Buffet shirts - that had three tikis on it holding beer, pretzels and chips. The caption says, "tiki party gods". Every time I would see this shirt I would think to myself, "Oh God, how lame."
Well, Mr lame-o is now wearing this shirt when doing messy jobs around the house, thanks to birthday wishes from dear friends.
Here's a link to an earlier discussion on this same subject: http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=1579&forum=1

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Thanks to all for the advise. I will present the option of modifying it either through picture or maybe attempt to carve something on the outside of the dart board (we would have to use a dremel as neither of us have done any real carving before)

I never even thought to request for bar supplies Duhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I just purchase the supplies and alcoholic myself.

(K. thanks for the link, I tried searching for 'crap','bad',etc. and never came across that one. I especially enjoy the discussions as to what is considered tiki, south pacific, etc.)


Probably the worst thing was a decanter that was made from a cow (or some other bovine)leg, hollowed out and a bottle stitched in. It was just nasty!


The worst/best gift one could receive is mrsmiley's tape of his unique vocal stylings!


On 2003-08-06 09:50, Tiki King wrote:
Probably the worst thing was a decanter that was made from a cow (or some other bovine)leg, hollowed out and a bottle stitched in. It was just nasty!

Paint by number horses, already painted.

Probably the worst thing was a decanter that was made from a cow (or some other bovine)leg, hollowed out and a bottle stitched in. It was just nasty!

Could have been worse. Could have been a bull's scrotum.

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