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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Street:Fuente del Bosque
City:San Luis Potosi

Bar with food service, like the name a contemporary twist to the genre, so not traditional tiki.

My son stumbled on to this bar in the section of the city of San Luis Potosi called Balcones del Valle 1ra Seccion. This central Mexican city, like many Mexican cities, is a lot bigger than it appears with a population of over 700,000. As you can see, in the photo, it has a contemporary mural in front with your typical Polynesian icons of hula maidens (with leis and a ukulele), volcano (actually an unusual tiki volcano), a sort of an Aztec/Pacific tiki (on the left) and a Asian stylized wave with a tiki headed surfer riding it. The wahine are also riding, what I can surmise, a banana boat (like the sun tan lotion).

This is a rare find but unfortunately only an exterior drive by shot. This goes to show the tiki influence in unlikely places that needs to be documented. This is also an invite or a challenge to anyone in or near or visiting the area to photograph and report on the interior with its d├ęcor and offerings.

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