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A little bit of Florida tiki: Floridaland 1972

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Here's a little postcard from Floridaland.

It's the Polynesian Porpoise Pool! One of 10 BIG ATTRACTIONS!

Dig those white slacks!

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That big one actually LOOKS like Wayne Coombs!

Great postcard!

Kanaka posted on Wed, Aug 6, 2003 9:19 AM

Or Steve Buscemi...........

Or Adam Clayton.

Where the heck was Floridaland? Ohio?
Great card. Please give us the info. on the back.


That photo should really come with a Buffet soundtrack.


On the back of the card it says:

Sarasota (41) Venice

(With the 41 being in a highway sign)

Two locations along the 41? Don't know much Florida geography.

No other revealing info.

Postmark doesn't make it clear

The more I look at that card, the more it concerns me... don't girls usually do dolphin shows?

Martiki, please relink this photo!

The Weeki Wachee Weekender is in that neck of the woods, it would be nice to send out a scouting party.


Floridaland was in either Nokomis or Osprey, Fla. The line blurs from one town to the next, however, it was inbetween Sarasota and Venice. Pretty cool old Florida attraction in it's day. The bad news is that when it closed they released all the tame/trained dolphin into the Intercoastal Waterway and left them to fend for themselves. I remember them following my parents' boat when we would go out on the weekends, they were always looking for food from humans...their children, grandchildren, etc are still in the same waters and are too docile for 'wild dolphin'. Breaks my heart...
Anyways, there's your little Florida trivia for the day :wink:


Here are the two postcards from the Floridaland Dolphin show in Venice, Florida that I posted on my other Fun and Games thread.

Here is a link with some additional information.



That looks awesome! Where were the cards found?

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