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Tiki bar in Sarasota, Florida?

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Found this great web site about roadside attractions mainly in the South which lists a tiki bar in Sarasota, FL, on the Tamiami Trail (75 years old this year). This one at least has one tiki, most likely by Wayne Coombs. The design of the web site won't allow me to provide a direct link so go to the "Fancy Eating" link, then down to "The Bahi Hut" under Kitch Kitchens. See pic of the front door with big wooden spoon for a handle! Last time I was in Florida I wanted to drive the Tamiami Trail but didn't have the time. Next time I'm doin' it!

Also check out the Santa Madeira restaurant that is in a building that looks like a big ship. Sadly it closed earlier this year.



I'm going to head down there tonight.
Thanks for the tip.

I'll give you my own review once sober.

EDIT: Huge rains tonight - drank Pyrat XO with homemade Falernum at the Lagoon - didn't wanna make the trip - talked wife into accompanying me tomorrow - will do best to translate experience into words.

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The Bahi Hut Lounge is the first listing under Florida in JT's book. Never been there, but need to go.


I stopped at Bahi Hut on my way home from Hukilau this year.

If you go to Tiki Bar Review Pages, and click on Bahi Hut, you'll find a longer and more detailed review of the place than what appears in Tiki Road Trip.



Oops, I forgot it was in Tiki Road Trip. I need to buy another copy to keep at work so I don't make that mistake again!

The web site has plenty of other roadside stuff to check out as well.

Know what you mean. I need to keep a copy of the Grog Log in my desk.... along with all of the necessary ingredients, of course.


Kailuageoff, did you ever post anything about your Miami area trip?

If you mean my most recent trip, I didn't 'cause we got drafted into preparing Ken-tiki's new house (they had been inside one week) for a sizeable social gathering that didn't end until 4 am Saturday night. We got so carried away drinking daquaries in the pool and pounding holes in their walls, we never did get over to see what was happening with Curry's, or for a visit to Fu Manchu. Naturally, we did go to the Mai-Kai for drinks and pu-pu's on our way back to Orlando. For us Florida tiki folk, it's kind of like swinging into McDonald's for a burger and shake.

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I had my bachelor party at Bai Hai Hut and spent some time there while in college at Ringling. The Mai Tai and Sneaky Tiki are strong, strong, strong. There was a two-drink limit on them at one time.


Just got back from a lovely afternoon with my beloved where we stopped by the HulaHula in Gulfport and picked up a couple of cool items for The Lagoon. (Thanks Kiliki for the intro to Annette through the mail)

We ended up at the Bahi Hut, a lovely little dive with a wall sized window that overlooks a tiny courtyard with bamboo, a huge banyan-like ficus and several palms surrounding a Tiki that you can see with the above link to JT's review pages.

We tried the house specials and although strong, they were trash. Reminiscent of the disgusting elixers I had Auntie pour me at Tahiti Nui in Kauai. Bluebird Pineapple juice and the cheapest rum imaginable.

I had to drink 5 just to make sure they weren't good. At about the 3rd they started tasting a lot better. But in reality, well - you know.

Sneaky Tiki was the main event. The Mai Tai's were typical facsimiles.

At least they were strong drinks and it was worth the trip just for the atmosphere and the big handful of napkins I coerced from the bartender. I'll go back with a bottle of orgeat, curacao, some limes and the ghost of Vic Bergeron in tow.

Thanks for the tip, Jab!

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The Bahi Hut is just down the road from me. True it is quite small and the drinks are extremely strong. I've had many a hangover mornings because of the place. I wouldn't make any special trips to get there that's for sure. It's very over rated in my book. No mugs, poor drinks, and can hardly see the one tiki on the patio. I do dig the wahine print on the wall and the napkins and matches.

Also meant to mention if you are down this way let me know and try Polynesian Paradise for lunch or dinner in Bradenton. It's outfitted more for the whitehairs here but great food. It use to be on Anna Maria Island called Alto's just in case anyone had been there. That was sweet when they were at that location. Lots of tiki's and such but not really at PP. I know she's looking to buy some since she sold all the others she had.


It lies near the road side.It has very nice entrance and it covers all the people.It has over looking our huge marina.The location was very nice.

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Trolling for Biz?

Posted: 2003-08-23 11:03 am

I love these conversations that take place over the span of 5 years. Old threads rule.

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