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Maori movie - WHALE RIDER

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Looking forward to seeing this feel-good movie. Anyone seen it? Tikifish - it won people's choice at the Toronto film fest...


Definitely check out the last picture in the Gallery

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I've been wanting to see this one too. I've heard about this one through the film festivals. The wife really didn't want to go and wants to wait to see it until it comes to video or cable(if it does). I want to see it now. It is playing locally here where independent films play, so I will probably just go solo. In talking with TraderPup at Doctor Z's party, he said he ended up seeing it solo too, and said he liked it. I'm sure he'll give more details on his review when he sees this thread.


I really enjoyed Whale Rider, and will definitely go see it again.

The movie website showcases the movie well. It basically deals with feminism and how it affects a culture's traditions and beliefs.

It is very well directed, and the performances are tops.... very worthy of all honors it has received, and will most likely receive more.

I will say, I don't exactly think of it as a feel-good movie. It is very emotional, so bring a loved one to hold on to, or some tissue. You don't want to be wiping your eyes with popcorn salt-covered fingers! I NEVER cry at movies, but this one brought on a couple of tears....


TC movie night?


I attended the Wailea outdoor Film Festival. Whale Rider played the night after I went. I heard only great things about it. I saw "Step into Liquid", It's a surf movie... Had some incredible shots from Rapa Nui of the Easter Island Maoi Tiki's.... Incredible.... The surfing wasn't bad either.

Anyone ever see the film "Beyond the Reef"?

Many critics trashed it, but I enjoyed it when I saw it some years back.


I enjoyed Whale Rider: I say it's a definate must see. The cenematograpy was amazing and the little actress was excellent.

It's a nice fable with awesome tuki tuki panels. Choice Carvings


If you haven't seen Whale Rider, go see it.
Took the whole family. Everybody liked it.
For some unknown reason my eyes were sweating. I had to slink down in my seat so nobody would see.
This is a very good movie!!

GECKO posted on Mon, Sep 8, 2003 12:21 PM

whale rider was a good movie about the old myth of the Maori whale rider. My wahines eyes were sweating too. I don't know if your kids will like it. My wahine said it was kinda slow in the begining so it might not get kids to focus on the movie. anyhow it was ono!

"Step Into Liquid"


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Whale Rider will soon be released DVD on 10/28/03 at my local place called DVD Planet for $18.88. That's pretty good for a new DVD, unless someone has found it for a better price?...

Yeah, I saw it and absoloutly loved it. I hope it gets nominated for best foriegn film next year.

I just got my email notification from DVD Planet that the movie is now in stock. It's $18.87 (yeah, down 1 penny since my last post!), and for those not in the SoCal area and can't just walk into their store, you can buy it here.


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That little girl stole my heart. Hope she wins! If she does I'll probly rain again.

Live from The Jungle!

I finally got to see Whale Rider last night and was amazed by the number of Maori carvings in the movie. They must be in 50% of the scenes! Even the kids were wearing little Tiki t-shirts in the school show scene.

Nice story, too. Moving without the usual Hollywood cheese factor.

Definitely one to see if you're into Maori culture/art/carvings and like a bit of a cry at the movies!

Trader Woody

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