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request for hanford

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To Ford (and everyone),

  1. You could have emailed me about this rather than posting it in the Tiki Central forum.

  2. When a topic is locked, someone always gets the last word. That's just how it is, I'm sorry. I know that can burn if there’s something you still have to say, but there’s no other way it can be done. Topics get heated and spiral. When the do, I don’t wait out to make sure all sides are equally represented before locking them. I just lock them, nothing personal.

  3. It is unacceptable to restart a topic after the original is locked, because it’s undermining the concept of locking topics in general. Topics spiral out of control, but resurrection is no accident.

  4. Because a resurrected topic allows the resurrector (in this case, you) the last word, I can’t simply lock it, I need to delete it. The original topic is locked, meaning there is to be no more posting to it. It could go on forever with people creating new topics to reply to previous locked topics. I’m not going to play that game.

Likewise, there will always be someone who will want me to append something onto the end of the locked topic. And that’s not my policy. So to your request, I say no.

On a personal note:

Nobody cares what Bong said about you. Your reputation on this forum is based on what you contribute to it, not a paragraph that Bong wrote as an obvious slapshot.


EDIT: Ford, please respect my policy and decision on this, and don't post about it again.

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