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let this one stick around for an hour or so before you delete please.

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I'm not concerned for my sterling reputation as the great Tiki Central Conciliator, and I'm not angry about anything, I have been reading articles about the great Governor stampede and laughing all afternoon. I just have nothing else to do today than surf on the net reading articles and posting here and elsewhere. Lucky TC!
I think criticizing someone in particular for something in particular is unusual, I don't know of any examples of it on tiki central. So maybe this liberal is having fun with his own righteous indignation for a change. I can see why Michael Savage says conservative rage is "great therapy."
That said, I am smiling as I type this... I totally disagree with your happy trigger finger of late and disregard to my point, which you haven't addressed. It goes like this: Sure, topics spiral out of control every once in a while, but they are discussions of generalized ideas, not specific to one forum member. It is cruel and unusual punishment to censor a man from happily responding to a personal attack. If someone can show me an example of a locked thread on this forum where someone was specifically targeted and didn't get to respond before it was locked, please do. Me and that guy can start the TC victimization club...




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Jaheezius, and I'd alweays thought your Pyracy.com thing had to do with hacked software! I am enlightened, glad I finally clicked on the link...

:), emspace

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