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Nudist Tiki party! Caution: Naked People

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OK, well, the nudity is more like seeing your Mom in the buff, but I thought I should warn those with a tendency to blush. I picked up some old nudist and cheesecake magazines last weekend at a flea market and was checking out those crazy nudists, um, fashions? and I came across this great naturist poem. Then I noticed the picture was taken at a Tiki party at a nudist camp and decided I had to share this. It's from a January 1965 issue of Sundial magazine. I believe that Sundial later became Jaybird magazine. I learned this from the recent book put out by Taschen (fine publisher of The Book of Tiki) chronicling the story of Jaybird magazine.

Here's a close-up.


There's June and Ward but where's the Beaver?

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Kenike posted on Fri, Aug 8, 2003 7:03 PM

Thanks for the closeup of the..umm...tiki.

Is that a tiki or a cavity?


It looks like the tiki is about to throw up.


Can you blame it?

Totally cool. I spent the better part of my puberty leafing through nudist magazines (I found them to be much more erotic than Playboy).

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Is she wearing the teeth from the Tiki around her neck?

Man, I KNEW there had to be stuff like this...and there must be more! If anyone has any pics/mags, let me know.
I mean these two "alternative" movements by "straight" people of the 50s and 60s MUST have intersected sometimes, especially in California.

yo dawn, the beaver is right in front of you, it's just trimmed back. If I didn't say it......

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