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... so that the New Yorker's won't feel so bad

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Well it's not IN new York City, but it seems like a nice place for an East Coast Tiki Oasis event:
I just got this from Jeff Chenault, DJ, Kahiki archeologist and menu collector:

I just got back yesterday from an 8 day tour of the Adirondack Mountains. It was very beautiful up there with all the lakes and everything. The Lake George Tiki Resort ( http://www.tikiresort.com ) is very nice. They still have plenty of tikis, Witco art, and a Waikiki Supper Club that still has the Polynesian dinner and show. The show was really fun.... all done by one family of six, all Samoans. They had three hula dancers (all sisters) nice too :) and 3 musicians/ percussionists. They even had a spectacular fire and sword show all with native costumes. The show runs through July and August and is highly recommended. My wife and I really had a fun time. The hotel itself was very well kept up and very clean. The tikis were mostly in pretty good shape but have definite signs of aging.
The Witco things I noticed where these 2 Viking (Outrigger) ships, one VERY nice tiki in the Supper Club, 1 large and one small stool, and a bunch of wall hangings that sort of look like a spoon with a face on top and a chain dangling from it.

i am ready! lets do our east coast trip....! I know that they are out there it just requires a bit of effort,...but one great road trip, i know lots in mass and new hampshire....

its fun in winter, when surrrealism sets "inn"! snow on my tiki!!!!

big bro...i am sure we can rally the ny crew, just say the word!


It looks gorgeous. I'm willing to make a trip up there for my tiki loving boyfriend's birthday at the end of July. (while they still have the Polynisian show)


inkylouise, acc to manic, tickets to atlanta can be had for as low as $150... july 19 is coming up soon!

I remember that resort as a child way back when!

Lake George, NY is about 200 miles North of NYC. The town is an old resort town situated on Lake George itself. I think it is really worth the trip as it still has a lot of old resorts, signage and beautiful vistas. If I remember correctly there are a number of pre-WWII bungalow and cabin resorts still in operation. And don't forget the steamboat rides on the lake!

My favorite attraction, however, is Fort William Henry (from "Last of the Mohicans" fame) 'reconsructed' in the 1950's-don't miss it!

If there was something to happen at the Lake George resort I would DEFINITELY be there. I have been meaning to go anyway, so to have fellow TikiCentralites there would make it even more incredible!

I think it's about an 8 hour drive for me, not too bad at all.

Let's get something together for august maybe!

How about August 30-Sept 2? Alot of people have that Monday off from work for Labor Day.


Does Tiki Resort have a tiki bar?


Also, note that Montreal is only 2.5 hours drive from Lake George - it would be a great opportunity for some of you americans to visit the Jardin Tiki! How often do you get to have a Tiki bar experience in french? I would say that would be a 'must-do' side trip... and of course you will need to bring me along to translate... all I charge for my services is 2 Mai Tais/hr.

If anyone is interested in meeting up for dinner/Polyneisian show at Tiki Resort, I will be heading up to Lake George on Saturday, August 31st.

oopps, correct spelling--Polynesian


I checked out the Tiki Resort this weekend for the Polynesian dinner show. The entertainment was very good--authentic music and dances from Hawaii, New Zealand, and Samoa. A really good time for me and my boyfriend. But, we have to suggest that people skip the dinner which was C--average (and not good enough for it's coupon price of $32.95!) And the drinks were horrible! My mai tai was all rum with a splash of grenadine (hey, my boyfriend wasn't complaining after he drank it for me and got lit) and the pina colada was booze-less (practically) and with whipped cream on top. I wouldn't complain but on the bill we later were surprised to know that each cocktail was $8.50! Go for the show however, and sit at the bar, and enjoy a bottled beer (4$).
The Tiki Resort is a pricey hotel; but, Lake George is loaded with much cheaper motels (I stayed elsewhere for half the price,) and my new addiction--MINITURE GOLF! something to talk about in the non-tiki forum...


It seems that many of the people who review Tiki bars wind up thinking that the food is not that good and that the bar tenders should have more closely followed Beachbum Berry's Grog Log. True enough, but what do we really expect? These are not bartenders from Don the Beachcomber's. Most of those guys are long gone, to be truthful.

I lived in upstate New York for one year and found that the Tiki Resort was lovely, all around. Drinks and food are not perfect, but in that setting, I was never one to complain. If you are in the area, don't miss it; while not the Kahiki or the Mai-Kai, the Tiki Resort is one of the last from the Tiki Era to feature a show, and there is nothing post-Punk about the show.


I wasn't critisizing the drinks according to a Tiki standard, but to basic drinkibility. I'm of hearty eastern european descent and have been raised to drink the nastiest of alcohols. (Once when I asked for water to chase a vodka shot, my father dubbed me as "fancy"). I'm not a drink snob by any means. For me, $8.50 is plenty money for a cocktail. ANY bar, not only tiki, that charges that much should be providing a decent drink. I don't care what bartending school, if any, they graduated from.
I support the Tiki Resort's venue and really appreciate that they are in existence. Their entertainment was wonderful! But as well, my boyfriend and I did spend $130 for our evening there. For me, that's ALOT of money and it is a disappointment to get bad drinks (even according to my low standards) when I am willing to give them a big chunk of money. It's honest of me to say that if you are on a budget, it's a better investment to sit at the bar.


I don't think there is anything wrong with expecting that a tropical drink that costs $8.50 should be made well. I totally appreciate people being honest in their reviews and letting us know when the drinks aren't up to snuff, especially when there are numerous places that still care enough to do it right. If one were doing a review for the regular media I can understand not being as picky because the average Joe hasn't even tasted a good tropical drink. But in this forum we should be detailed in our reviews! Thanks to manic cat for the informative review.


uh...I didn't want to come down hard on anyone. (especially something tiki) It's just that I'm a poor lush and like being alot of bang out of my buck!


For $8.50, the bartenders probably assume that buyers want as much alcohol as they can fit in an icy glass. Get drunk! Party hard! Rock and roll! Woooooh!


Get really loaded and play some mean-assed Mini Golf!

Someone turn up the Judas Priest! It's time to Rock-Out , baby!

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