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Tiki Bar top finishing?

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Ok here is my first post. Did a quick search but couldn't find an answer. Anyways, what is the best shellac or finish to use on my bar top to get a good durable surface. I'm looking at putting some stickers on the top and want a finish that will cover them and leave a thick protective coat.
Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Thanks and great forum!!

I used marine varnish which is clear and water proof for spillage. It will take about five layers to finally be level with the stickers. It will be your best bet.
Happy tiki bar building!

Try Varithane. It is super durable and can be found at Home Depot. I believe that it has a plastic polymer in it. They used this stuff to coat the hardwood floors in the old Roller Skate Rinks.

I used it over MDF on my workbench and it is super hard and great for wear.

You also might want to check out a plastics store. Here in NorCal we have "TAP Plastics" the fantastic plastic place... Anyway, they sell all sorts of well, plastic. I've seen supplies there for encasing things in blocks of plastic and also for creating thick see-thru table tops.

Check out this thread...
Is that what you want?
I also saw a kit at Michael's Craft store.


I used some stuff I found at Home Depot or Lowes. Unfortunately can't remember the name but it had two parts and mixed it together and it made a great clear inch thick resin. You would find it in the varnish aisle. I think it was made by Behr. Nice thing about it was one coat and done. It has held up through many parties and many toxic drink spills. Good Luck.

Bar God Bamboo Ben also suggested I use Varithane to touch up my bar.

"Change of tip"
I said marine varnish, I meant polyurathean silk marine varnish.
The only thing that matters is (you've heard here a thousand times , HAVE FUN!!

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