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Theme is "Seasons of Tiki", art will depict Tiki in a season-themed or holiday-themed setting. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July. "Rudolph the Red Nosed Maori"? (thank you Jon). Ku in a snow drift freezing off his royal Kamehamehas?

Official rules to be placed HERE shortly. As a precaution I will collect some extra contact information from first time Swappers, like cell phone number.

The last Swap had a bit of a hiccup but all has ended well. If we are going to have a Winter Swap, it's time to get started. I think the end of February is a reasonable end date.

Looking for theme ideas. Also looking for ideas to help prevent a participant being shorted in their end of the swap. We have had a good core group of swappers but we have added some amazing artists in recent Swaps. I would like to make the Swap a little more secure but don't want to make it prohibitive to new artists.

I am willing to lead again or let some one else take the reins, I don't need to hog up all the glory :wink:

When you hurry through life, you just get to the end faster.
Pirate Ship Tree House

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Just in time for me. I'm doing the last three Wish List projects so I can throw in one more. Where is the suggestion list left over from the last swap.

Here's my new suggestion to add to the list. Do something based on your favorite mug in your personal collection.

Thanks Mike and TU for putting on these fun swaps.

As so people not following through...how about everyone promises to not flake out. Cheers, Wendy

cy posted on Mon, Nov 23, 2015 10:43 AM

Sounds good Mike, how bout art based on tiki drinks, i.e. suffering bastard, missionary's downfall, zombie, etc.

I'm in

Like the ideas of wonderful Wendy and the Duke of Cy

Not sure if I should suggest any topics
The Enchanted Tiki Room theme was a bit controversial
(Even though I think all the art was awesome)

But I'll add:
any Tiki you like,
Tiki matchbook cover art
Tiki bar menu art

Or we could all just paint, draw, sculpt or carve Mad Dog Mike :)

As far as the other part
Not sure how to prevent participants from not getting art
I'd think if you post a finished photo, the rest is easy



Mike, thanks for starting this up again! I'm in, hoping to make some more time for clay- and if this is the reason how/ why it happens, it works for me!

I'm with Jon, either a Mad Dog Mike inspired work...

Or, if that doesn't work for all... LOVE cy's idea. Leaves it open to a bunch of interpretations.... AND drinks.

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Tiki matchbooks, Tiki menus, or tiki hotel signs all sound good to me.

As far as people flaking, I think time on TC or activity on TC should be considered. Also everyone sending MDM their real Name, Address, phone number and email in PM. People might be less likely to be shady if they cannot hide behind anonymity.

MadDog theme? :lol: Gotta love this crazy place and the crazy people in it!


I know I was last minute, but I hope I wasn't part of the problem!

Last minute before the drawing deadline is fine :) The problem comes when someone is included in the drawing, receives art from their partner but never sends their art out :(

I have missed the last 2 swaps and now I'm feeling the need to join. I'd like to do something that does not draw inspiration from established imagery, but rather allows the individual to express their own creative vision. Perhaps blending themes (TIKI theme is obvious) + ...

  • Animal
  • Zodiacs
  • Hot Rod
  • Seasons
  • Cannibals
  • Pin-up
  • Military

The interest grows...

I was getting worried. I thought my inability to get motivated caused a problem but I'm relieved that isn't the case! I'm sorry to hear that somebody received but didn't send their art, that's not cool. Very un-aloha like for sure!!!! :(

It's not a great excuse but my work is busier than it used to be due to a different teaching assignment but I've loved participating in past swaps and am hoping to join in again if you'll have me back.

Lori you are always welcome :)

What Mike said :)

LoriLovesTiki what Mike and hang said!!!

Mike I trust you to pick a theme and lets get to work. Wendy


I think the end of February would be a good close date...
I haven't been able to participate in the past couple of swaps but am looking forward to seeing what theme is chosen.

A few swaps back I had completed and posted my swap piece but was inadvertently left out of the swap. (It wasn't a swap you were leading, Mike.) It was a bit of a bummer but my kids had really been liking my painting as I was working on it, so I just gave it to them :)

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!



I just sent out a mass e-mail to include those who have participated or been interested in the past but may not check TC frequently. If you did not get an email and would like to be on the list let me know

how bout TV tiki--something that incorporates either past or present idols on the idiot box or fave tv characters utliizing tikis?


To quote Hang10...

Prior swaps were:

Alien tiki
Tiki album art
Sea creatures
Ladies of tiki
Birds of the pacific
Polynesian menu
Shrunken head/ headhunter

and to quote Mad Dog Mike...

Tiki Animals
Mythical Tiki
Enchanted Tiki Room
Tiki Bob
Tiki Waterfalls
Tiki Restaurant Logos
Tiki Matchbooks
Hawaiian Shirts

I'm down for this Swap. I still dig cy's Tiki Drink theme, or Pufferfish, or Tiki Bob!

Mike, what do YOU think?

Here are some other idea that have been put forth
Zodiac Tiki
Hot Rod Tiki
Seasons Tiki
Military Tiki
TV Tiki
Tiki Hotel Signs

What do I like? I like themes that stretch me a bit and make me do some research. Themes that are broad enough that everyone doesn't do the same imagery but not so broad as to make a mockery of a theme (free-for-all Tiki). Seasons Tiki would be fun - depict your favorite Tiki in your favorite season or a montage of seasons. And since the soldiers returning from the South Pacific was so instrumental in bringing Tiki to the States, Military Tiki could be fun too.

TV Tiki sounds intriguing. Plenty of 1960s shows with Tiki inspired episodes or overall themes. There would likely be some overlap on choices, but the interpretations would differ.


I will be the dissenting opinion on TV Tiki- only since I feel it will narrow down all's creativity (how many Brady Bunch tiki focused pieces)? Maybe I'm just thinking along the "wrong" lines, though... :)

Mike, I'm all for things that makes for some research, as well as for thinking outside the box!

Please note, I pulled the above post from an old post from Jon, though he probably stole it from one of Mad Dog's posts... :wink:

I've got a good MadDog Mike work in my mind, though, if that is chosen..... (Such a good idea, too!)

[ Edited by: TikiAno 2015-11-29 08:39 ]

I'm intrigued with the "seasons" theme - I actually have an idea in my head for that. lol.

I also like, actually love, pufferfish and animals in general.

Lastly, the responses from Mike, Jon and Wendy made me smile! :)

We can safely say it WON'T be a MadDog theme :lol: Sorry guys :wink:

How about some more input folks? Chime in on what you would like the theme to be


Atomic tiki may be cool.

If you say that's a crapy idea I won't be mad.


:lol: LOL :lol:
That's not stupid Skip!



Ooooo.... I really want to do this. I keep getting sidetracked and missing these. As for themes the ones that appeal to me are Seasons Tiki, Zodiac Tiki and TV Tiki.

I'm liking the idea of Zodiac Tikis. Do your own, or pick one? Lots of options for that one.

One last call for input. I will pick and announce a theme tomorrow

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Maori, Tiki Hotel, Tiki Menus, or Tiki matchbooks.

My vote is for you to choose.

Grog theme



Jon, YES!!!!

A Mad Dog Grog (or "Mad Grog") theme works for me!!!

Okay, it seems there's not quite a consensus of themes jumping out, I'm just glad it's not the Enchanted Tiki Room!!!!!!

As I reread past suggestions, Tiki Animals seems like a fun idea that could head in any number of different directions. Or cy's idea is still at the top of my list.

Whatever is chosen, this project is going to get me back to working on some clay, so I'm looking forward to it.


[ Edited by: TikiAno 2015-12-02 14:22 ]

Sorry for the delay, today has been BUSY and it not near over! :( :lol:
You're right TikiAno, not much of a consensus. So I will have to make an executive decision and I choose..... SEASONS of TIKI. I think it is wide enough to include everyone's idea of Tiki and still have a unifying theme. Will allow any art media and is different than anything we have done before. Art will depict Tiki in a season-themed or holiday-themed setting. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July. "Rudolph the Red Nosed Maori"? (thank you Jon). Ku in a snow drift freezing off his royal Kamehamehas?

Let the creation begin!

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2015-12-02 21:58 ]


I'm out on this one. Have fun everyone. Once again MDM, you're the man for heading up the swap.


Now that's a really fun theme. I better get to work so I can fire it with the next Wish List batch.

Thank you very much Mike, Wendy


Mike, how do you feel about "Season(ing) of (the) Tiki"??? Is that too outside the box?


Seasoning? As in salt and pepper?


You got to pick up every stitch
Two rabbits runnin' in the ditch
Oh no, must be the season of the tiki
Must be the season of the tiki, yeah
Must be the season of the tiki

cy posted on Sat, Dec 5, 2015 4:05 PM

It pains me to know that we think alike Ano, but my quick sketch includes some seasonings as well as seasons. I figure it's all fair and nothing is too far outside the box. Skip, it would be my pleasure to draw your entry at the end of this swap, hope you jump on in!!


Thanks for the complement Cy.
The holidays and a foot surgery will make it a bad time to join
this time.

BUT I need a t shirt made and you are great at that too, Sooo I do have
a light for ya when you get time for a deal like that.

Look forward to seeing the tiki art that comes from this swap….


Mike (& cy), yes, EXACTLY like that. cy, I'd say great minds think alike, but I know what I'm working with, and it ain't much.

Yes, my first thought was a Grog and Mad Dog salt & pepper shaker set. Okay, maybe that will be a bonus set. Hmmmm......

cy posted on Sun, Dec 6, 2015 1:52 PM

Skip you know I am all over that offer, PM me what you want done and lets get printing.

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