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Howdy TC Ohana! It's been awhile but I'm reporting in from here in soggy western Washington with a request for the great tiki think tank!

I've unintentionally turned a nice little side business for myself buying and selling big ol wooden spools and I'm trying my hand at doing some crafty things with them.

Now I've got one stained up on the bar acting as a nice little cocktail table but it's just a touch too high at 36 inches. I'm gonna do some thinking and shrinking to make it fit and maybe wrap some manila rope around the bottom. And I've got one BIG 6.5 footer that is destined to be carved, burned and varnished and become the new back yard table.
My feelers I'm putting out to you my favorite folks is what would YOU do with your very own piece of industrial waste? :wink:


Cause I've got eleven of them.

Welcome to the "other crafts" thread. I remember when these first showed up as tables when I was in high school (decades ago). They were so cool.

To turn them tiki may suggestions are... one burning the top deeply and then taking a wire brush to it so that it looks like a Witco. Then coat the top.

Or Cover the top with tiki postcards and put a thick layer of water sealant over those to protect them.

Then around and hanging down from the table top attach yellow grass skirts.

I look forward to more suggestions and to your progress photos. Cheers, Wendy


Cut one right down the middle and then use both sides as wall tables, side tables.
This way you get two tables out of one.

Stack them and make a tower of booze with them as the booze shelf.
You would need to cut them down and make them shorter.
Larger to smaller widths would help on this too.


I just stick a thatched patio umbrella in mine and call it good

I got a buddy who stains em and sells them but i just go with the raw fresh off the boat look

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