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Keylo posted on Tue, Dec 15, 2015 9:54 AM

Season Greetings to all the TC tribe. I have been AWOL from TC for sometime, because I have had little time to carve. But a few months back I got a call to carve a tiki out of a palm that had been dead around 4 months or so. Stuck a chisel in it and the chisel came back dry. I guess I didn’t stick it in far enough because the wood close to the surface was dry but as I carved deeper it was apparent the wood was still wet. I figured I would go ahead and ruff out the tiki and then come back sometime later to finish the detail and colorize the cry baby. Its been close to 2 months and the tiki is still weeping and leaking sap. Was wondering if any of the Tiki Gurus on TC might have a pinion or advice on this subject.

To my Tiki Tribal Elders who are offended by Big Teeth Florida tikis, ….forgive me I was not able to persuade the paying public otherwise, but you might be happy to hear at least the teeth will not be painted white.

Cabbage palms may look/be dead but the rootball continues doing its job - pumping water to the top. If you leave a tree in the ground it will continue to send moisture to the top of the tree. I tell people that I will not carve trees that are still in the ground for this very reason. Yes, the tree is dead... No, it will not come back to life... yes, leaving it in the ground will facilitate rot and bug infestation. I suggest you cut it down and place it in a dry location. Otherwise - it was a good carve, move on to the next one.

Aloha Station.Interesting thanks for sharing your experince strength and hope


Aloha Station, thanks a whole heap for that info, you have saved a lot of tears and heartache with this tiki. I had always thought it was like a snake, you chop off the head and its gonna shrivel up and dry out. I will take your advice and will chop this cry baby down and remount him so he won't rot. Many Mahaloz Aloha

There are places where you can carve tree stumps - Florida is not one of them. Too much moisture in the ground and air. I've cut dead trees down and had puddles form from the water draining out of the log.

cy posted on Wed, Dec 16, 2015 8:13 AM

Good to see you back Keylo!


I thought this thread was about TC people.

You know you did too when you saw this.

Good luck.

Cool. Nice use of the natural curves!

Keylo posted on Thu, Jan 21, 2016 7:20 PM

Tom I have cut the dead tree down and it is sitting in my garage and I am hoping to finish carving it someday. Thanks for your advice. Cy thanks for the welcome back I haven't carved much tiki themes in the past 2 years, would like to but very little time. Thanks Aloha Texas Tiki Co for you props on the weeping tiki.

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