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a mission for TCer's

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what your mission is, if you chooce to acept it, is to find a picture of a Moai, that has its back carved. i have seen a picture some where and now i can find it again, neither on the net or in the books i have. it would be great if the picture clearly showed the back carvings, so i can reproduce it on a 4 ft Moai i carved out of palm a few weeks ago.


Here's the back...

An ear...

and a hand.

Octane, did you even see this?


I checked out a book from the Library afew months ago, but can't remember it's title. I think it was called The Art of easter Island.
It's a big coffee table sized book. Tons of pictures. Highly recommend it.


purple jade, i'm sorry actually i didn't see it, i forgot about it. thank you though for the great pictures, of the back ear,hand, and for bumping it up. man i feel dumb as i look at the dates of the post, and see that you accomplished the mission in no time and i forgot about it.

seamus-thanks for the advise i will have to look in the library for a book with a title close to that.

thanks again.

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