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that really cool apt on page
221 of t.b.o.t. is renting a unit out.We drove by yesterday while hunting for the remnants of marineland and the place caught my eye.We took pics and I noticed a for rent sign.The place was real clean with a babe by the pool.It is I believe on palos verdes road just south of P.C.H.. Sorry I did not think to get the ph#.Good luck.

The apartment is also located on a vista affording a stupendous view of the Pacific.

No wonder the tikis choose this location for apartment life.

Really? Cool! Ok, I'm....I'm...I'm..AAAAAWWWWW! I'm MARRIED!

HulaHula! Get it while you can! (yeah, both the apartment and "the babe by the pool".)


GECKO posted on Wed, Aug 13, 2003 3:12 PM

sounds like my kinda place!

eh SCD, I didn't know you were Married!! I was joking about some stuff on da carving post about ya. So if da Wahine reads'em no worries, He's a great guy!


I've never thought to use the line, "Come back and see my tikis," but I may have to now.

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