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Otto posted on Fri, Feb 12, 2016 8:36 PM

Name:Polynesian Hotel Casino
Street:115 East Tropicana
City:Las Vegas

Polynesian Hotel existed in the mid 1980s but was short-lived as it closed in 1989

Due to its short lifespan and budget status it probably didn’t have much decor to speak of.

Originally named Paradise Hotel, it has had multiple incarnations, once the Pacifica, then Polynesian and therefore sometimes referred to as the Polynesian Paradise or Pacifica Polynesian.
It turned into a gay hotel and is now a Hooters

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Otto posted on Fri, Feb 12, 2016 8:38 PM

Cool 1970s style logotype

Wow, thanks for posting this. You should fix the address in the top post. The street number is 115, not 155.

Also, when you say it's now a Hooters, that might give people who haven't been there the wrong idea. It isn't your usual Hooters burger joint. This is the Hooters Casino Hotel!

Your post inspired me to look into this place a little. According to several articles I found on the internet, the gay/lesbian hotel you mentioned was just an idea that never actually happened. Here's a rough list of all the different incarnations the property has gone through.

Howard Johnson (built in 1973)
Paradise ~(1975-1976)
20th Century ~(1977-1979)
The Treasury ~(1979-1982)
Pacifica ~(1982-1986)
Polynesian ~(1986-1989)
Hotel San Remo (1990-2005)
Hooters Casino Hotel (2006-present)

I stayed there a few times when it was the Hotel San Remo. I remember it being nothing special. The casino ceilings were rather low so it was particularly smoky. I would never have imagined it once had a Polynesian theme.

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