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I warned 'em

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I was riding down either Monroe or Madison - whatever - last night in Chicago and saw the banner "It's Always Tiki Time" and the giant Tiki sitting outside the Trader Vics.

Very inviting.

I tried a drink that I had no recipe for - the Coffee Grog. It was served in a headhunter mug and flamed. Pretty potent.

Sat in the room that is more "nautical" mode than Tiki and had great food and good times.

The place looked fantastic. Lots of Bamboo. I filled the evening with tales of Menehune digging ditches and Pele seeking mortal men for her pleasure.

I warned a very lovely Wahine that the Exotica crowd would be there soon and that she should look forward to walking about 3 times more than usual back and forth to the bar... and that we (The Tiki Tribe) were all fantastic tippers.

Have fun, folks...

...and darn my rotten early timing.

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