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Computer worm

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Anybody else get that f---ing worm? I finally got rid of the bastard. Who the hell has time to think up evil crap like this. If I ever get my hands on the geek that does stuff like this I swear I will strangle him with my bare hands. I don't understand why people can't find something better to do. Evil bastards!!

Okay, now I feel much better.


I hear ya! I had it yesterday and it took me all day and night to fix my machine. What a pain in the ass! Don't people have other things to do than to tamper with other peoples computers??? I'd rather be lounging on TC instead of trying to delete other peoples files and emails. Go figure.

Tikichic, uh-huh, I'm ready for one of Al's Mai Tai's now. Hey Al, you goin' to be tending the Lagoon Room Saturday night? Maybe Tikichic would like to meet a few of us there. maybe, maybe.

if you're talking about the MSBLAST.EXE virus, I just spent half a day cleaning it off a pc! So new, the patch just became available yesterday!


Call me naive, but what/where is the Lagoon Room? Feel free to PM and let me know.

I got it too.
The damn worm makes you want to frickin drink!!
Oh sorry, too late.
Well shit, I think I'll have another mai tai for the next virus to come. That'll show those bastards!

Hey guys. I was able to delete one of MSBLAST.exe files, but the other one wouldn't go away. So I moved it to a floppy and then threw away the floppy and then got the patch. I mutilated the freakin' floppy just to make sure in case somebody dug it out of the trash and tried to use it not knowing.

Tikichic, the Lagoon Room is at Alnshely's place in Oceanside. It's an awesome bar and home. But it looks like Al is tending bar at Poly Pop's partay Saturday night.
Hey Monkeyman, you gonna be home in Vista that night or are you goin' to Poly's party too?

Okay....this wouldn't cause a "kernel stack" error, would it?

Right now I'm loving my Mac. Sure it's more expensive and I can't get on all the newest mp3 stealing networks right away, but I'm not sweating any "worms" either!

And the only thing I wish I could run on my mac is Hanford's cool looking game, Rocknor's Bad Day:


I love the idea behind this game, Hanford!

Sorry for the off topic nature of this post -- blame it on Don the Beachcomber's Zombie!

I thought I had the worm and spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to erase it only to find out that I DID NOT have it. Worst part was I shut off the XP system restore and now have no restore point beyond todays date if anything goes wrong. Oh well, now I have 35 Critical updates which I probably need clogging up the hard-drive.


Yep I'd say this one sucks. As if I'm not busy at work with other things, now I have clients that have it. Can't wait till Exotica afew SB's and Mai Tai's should fix this overworked feeling. :D

My home computer is down and out. Can't load in any mode but command prompt, and not even the drives are working to permit a boot from disk. :(


Muggler, you said it before I could - gotta love a Mac.

Infinitely more stable, created by people who give a damn about their users, and virtually virus-proof.
...and not really much more expensive at all!

Also, what's with all the griping and animosity you hear about Bill Gates... no one whines about Steve Jobs - in fact, he's considered a hero among Mac users, while Windows users all seem the hate Gates...?

And best of all: I don't know anybody, anywhere, who has ever lost a single byte of data due to a system or hard drive crash on a Mac - you hear about Windoze users loosing the entire contents of their hard drives all the time. That and viruses? Who wants to risk it?

Time to switch!


Besides buying a Mac, there are 3 simple things one can do if using Windows to protect their computer (any one of these prevents the worm from attacking your computer).

  1. Update Windows regularly (using Start/Windows Update). At least weekly. Or you can subscribe to the Windows security email list to be notified of all updates:


The following update released on July 16th. protects computers from this worm.


  1. Use a personal firewall product like the one that comes with Windows XP and block all ports that aren't needed.

  2. Use a good anti-virus product (Trend Micro's or Symantec's) and update it daily.

Rain posted on Wed, Aug 13, 2003 1:45 PM

amen to mac.

i'm using a friend's pc to log on until i'm in my new place, and he got the worm. it was making his computer shut down at random intervals. this is the best part:

we called our school's computer and network services first, thinking it was something to do with his dialup account. after we finally figured it out and updated windows with the patch and all, the morons called him and said
"uh, we uh, fixed the problem."

he said "you moron, it was a virus. I fixed the problem."


Whether you run a Mac or Windows, if you have a computer connected to the Internet you should have a virus-checker program, too. It is the first thing I install when I get a new PC.

The reason I think it's a requirement is becuase the potential damage a virus can do could be devistating. If you have any important information on your PC, it's worth paying the $30/year it costs for a virus checker, becuase otherwise you could quite easily loose all your important files to a virus. I know people who have lost a lot of important work due to viruses. Although viruses are not as frequent on the Mac, having a Mac without a virus checker is just as dangerous becuase if you are hit by a virus there's nothing on your system to stop it from doing it's damage.

I use Norton AntiVirus Pro, which automatically updates its virus detection software every few days. According to their site, they had updated their anti-virus software on the 11th of this month to detect and destroy this virus.

Their website is here: http://www.symantec.com/


On 2003-08-13 14:48, hanford_lemoore wrote:
Whether you run a Mac or Windows, if you have a computer connected to the Internet you should have a virus-checker program, too.

This is very true. While I've never had any issues with viruses in my 10+ years using a Mac, I always have my virus program up to date because the Mac virus programs will also kill PC viruses. Even though these viruses and worms don't affect Macs, unprotected Macs will pass them along and further the damage they cause.

Hanford is right -- if you are connected to the internet, you need to have virus protection.

While we're discussing computer problems, let me also suggest that everyone BACKUP your files frequently! I had a hard drive mechanical failure and I had everything backed up except my email, which I just forgot to do, so I lost YEARS of archived correspondance and had to pay a company WAY too much money to retrieve the files.

So protect AND backup!

Cue "NBC The More You Know" PSA music.

In addition to getting a virus program, get a firewall! Whether it's software, hardware, or whatever comes with XP.

The easiest thing is going to zonealarm.com, and getting their free software firewall. If you're more technically savvy, or you have more stuff to protect, get a hardware firewall. This is whether you're using regular old dial-up, have a home broadband, or you are at work (in which, I HOPE your management is smart enough to invest in some real firewall.

It will most likely protect you from the next big worm.

Got the freakin worm again when I tried to download an update on Bill's website. ARRRGH! What a pain. This time though I grabbed some Cuervo Gold and poured it on my computer, killed the bastard good.

Bacardi 151 works even better, but don't be smokin' while you're applying the treatment.


"Main Discussion Area: Computer worm
Posted by tikivixen on 2003-08-20 21:35

Bacardi 151 works even better, but don't be smokin' while you're
applying the treatment"
---and tikivixen knows all about Bacardi 151!


Luckily, I have been worm-free (knock wood...), but a number of friends have fallen victim. Don't people have better things to do with their lives than write virus programs? And, as a teacher, I know that if you took their actual self-esteem, wadded it into a ball and shoved it up a gnat's behind, it would look like a bee-bee in a boxcar!

They caught the alleged worm. Jeffrey Lee Parsons, 18 years old. Somebody give this guy a job, keep 'em out of trouble and away from computers.

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