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Tiki Head Bas-Relief type fun..

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Whilst out Tiki hunting i was always spotting these tacky Chinese prints with faux bamboo frames, and I was thinking how can I make them into something tiki. Then one day I was messing about with some modeling clay and an idea formed..

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I like them, I like them alot!


Looks like his Brains are bustin out of his head!

Seriously, I like them too. Nice work!

Those are neat...got some old mana going.

You got the knack, and all the more amazing is that they are made in Scotland!

Well spotted tikimug, it is indeed his brains bursting out. I call the first tiki The Brain Bursting Tiki its a tiki to ward of bad hangovers.
The second tiki is my interpretation of the tiki's that may have been carved by the natives of "Skull Island" which was the home to King Kong, in tribute i call this one The Kong Tiki

Thanks everybody for your kind words.


Oh, well done! I am green with envy for your ability! And some nice Tiki imagery to boot!

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