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Tiki and Coney Island

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Does anybody know what Fisherman is doing at "Burlesque on the Beach" at Coney Island, on the 29th of August? When you look on the site it describes the event as "Tiki Night"...

I know he's played there this year at other shows, but this has me all perked up.


I definately want to check it out. I danced there 2 weeks ago with the Pontani Family Reunion Dancers for Burlesque on the Beach and it was SO FUN. These Friday night shows at Sideshow by the Seashore are a blast. vaudeville, burlesque, pure Coney!!
It's compleatly worth the long subway ride.

I don't even want to tell you what happened when I went last year, but suffice ti to say I ended up on stage in my panties! (I wasn't a official performer...)

We have got to go...


sounds like a usual night for you!
let's make it a date. wink

So who else wants to go???

TastySP-do you know anything about this? How can we get involved!?!?!?

My experience with Burlesque on the beach is you got to go early cause there is long lines and they sell out quick. I would suggest we be there by 7:30, ride the cyclone, see some fireworks, stand in line.... Any other ideas?

If I wasn't clear on this in the past....Fisherman is awesome, and all local Tiki centralites should not miss him.

All you Pennsylvania, NJ, Maryland, mid-Atlantic, etc...this may be your reason to come up and party NYC Tiki Central style!


my computer has been down for 3 days with the worm virus. maybe that's what's causing such a big response for this night! I'm excited. Tiki and Coney. Two of my great loves.

my 2 great loves besides tiki...

CYCLONE and Pink PopCorn!


ewwww--pink popcorn. sounds yuck.
2 more loves--Freaks 'n Burlesque


I believe that Fisherman does the musical score and hosts the Burlesque revue


I think that we should go for an early dinner at Marion's on Fri. night before the tiki season closes on Monday. I haven't been there yet this year. also, I'm trying to get my brother to drive us around--it will expediate the trip out to Coney.


here's the e-mail I got from Fisherman

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sorry for mailing you twice in a week, but this show needed its own
plug! Here's the recipie:

Take two of Fisherman's favorite things, Tiki and Burlesque, combine
them with my favorite Mermaid, Bambi as co-producer, and set the whole
thing at my favorite venue of all time, Coney Island, and you have THE

THIS Friday, Tiki Burlesque at Coney Island presented by Fisherman and
Bambi, and starring: Dirty Martini, Lady Ace, Bunny Luv, Sugar Baby,
Bronwyn on the Trapeze, Fredini, and THE GORILLA ('natch) with
Fisherman's Xylophonic Orchestra featuring Tiki Go-Go by P5!!!!!!!

And as a special treat, Fisherman will be playing the 1908 Harley Sadler
Tent-show Marimba, a very rare, very large, very old instrument which I
only bring out once or twice A YEAR because its so big and bad- don't
miss this opportunity to grove.

Coney Island Sideshow by the Seashore is located at the corner of W.
12th and Surf Ave. Show starts at 10:00, right after the fireworks on
the beach.
Please Wear Tiki Amulets to protect your soul from the scorching exotic
energy to be released. Not responsible for lost clothes, lost jobs.

I am so excited!


I have a group of 3 right now, are we still gonna meet at Marion's? Whats the closest tiki to the f train? Have you been to the Coral Room yet? They got mermaids!

so there is a plan afoot for the coney island tiki-tacular...even if you haven't responeded but are going anyway please be sure to identify yourselves as tiki centralites when there so we can party, w/ tiki togetherness!

are you going??????

Last night was a blast...Fisherman really rocks!

Here are some photos!


Manic, I am so grateful to have found a local tiki sister, who is always up for adventure! Inky


woo-hoo! I'm always up for eating too! and roller costers, and side shows, and fireworks. I'm gonna post your link on the Teaseorama message board too. Of course, I'll let them know it's from Suzy-Q.

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