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Some might know, others maybe not but I recently had a red bulb in my tiki room. It was a 40W and it was placed in a glass ball that was semi opaque. It was annoying because it gave off this pink look more than a red look. Fast forward to the other day and Im at Home Depot looking at bulbs. They were selling one that was an led and only 3W for 10 bucks. I grabbed it just because it was so much less energy and wouldnt heat up like the 40 or 60W bulbs.

WOW! I couldnt believe my eyes, but the red that cam from that was soooo deep. It was a really beautiful vibrant deep red. So if you have a regular 40W style bulb, go out and get one of these 3W led bulbs. Mind blowing.

Now as for the others, I haven't tried them yet, but I would imagine they might also be similar. If anything, cheaper on the bill.


It's true. Those incandescent color coated party lights stink compared to the deep colors that leds can produce. Green and Blue leds are even more impressive than their incandescent counterparts.

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