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Quality assurance testing!

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Whoa! I just finished some mixology testing/sampling of the drink menu for my upcoming party... the kitchen counter is littered with liqueur bottles, spent lime shells, empty cocktail glasses... and little paper parasols, soaked with exotic libations, are leaving colorful stains all over the kitchen floor..... and I'm feelin' pretty good! and its not even 9am yet!!

But, I must undergo all this torture and testing to assure that my guests will enjoy their evening and get the most pleasurable experience from their cocktail selections.....

Doctor Z.... please deliver 1 hangover cure by noon today!



I want to thank you "Mr Tiki Drink Taste Tester"

And you "Mr Hawaiian Shirt Pattern Designer"

Two Real American Heroes!

Holy Moly Pup!

Talk about The Breakfast of Champions! 9am and mixing & testing huh? You're so dedicated! I'm sure Trader Vic & Don the Beachcomber did the same thing in order to bring perfection to their concoctions.


What time is lunch? I'm there.



I'm sure that your efforts to ensure quality cocktails for this fete will be greeted with an enthusiastic and loud response.

Looking forward to it!


Bummed that I can't be in two places at the same time (Exotica 2003 and East Indies Room)
Pup, do you have any more copies of your compilation CD with your genius "Size of your Tiki" edit? I had to give my last one to De Soto Brown cause he gave me two of his books. Please save me a copy (or two).
Still wanna do that BOT CD some time...

I wish I could make it TP (too much work).
My family live down there (OC), so I hope to see it soon! May I get a rain check? When you come to Carme/Monterey, you have a cool bar here with your name on it as well!

P.S. Never trust a bartender who doesn’t drink.

A Tiki Cheers To You!

[ Edited by: Unga Bunga on 2003-08-14 15:59 ]

Man, I wish I could join you. I have to say, Pup, that remains one of my favorite activities...I did a little drink menu for the Paradise Room with it's own custom menu cover and now give one to every new guest that stays in the attatched suite. We even "aged" them so they look like they have 40 years of wear/T.L.C. Your bar is beautiful...totally done right; the only way to go! Getting high off my own supply both teaches me mixology through trial and error and, well...Gets me high! You've got a masterpiece there.

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