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First Tiki

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This topic must exist but I didn't see anything in a search.

With some inspiration from what I've seen here and a birch tree that unfortunately died at the corner of my driveway I decided to try my hand at a Tiki. Roughed out with an Arbortech Wood Carver pro that I just bought along with an inexpensive angle grinder from harbor freight. That, about 5 maybe 6 hours, and some old hand tools and this is where I am. I figure a couple more hours of sanding then stain and seal.

I've done a little carving in the past, mostly small simple stuff...note the gecko on the fencepost...but this is the biggest thing I've done by far. I may do some pyrography on it here and there but not sure yet. You'll notice he's a little cockeyed in the eyes and smile....a private joke....looks a bit like me...:)

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Nice job on number 1!

cy posted on Sat, May 21, 2016 3:31 PM

Nice stoneaxe!

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