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Copycat Co. Washington D.C.

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I wanted to point out a bar in Washington D.C. And while I admit it does not look anything at all Tiki, some of the cocktails here are VERY Tiki, and very good indeed. (I have noticed with the exception of Archipelago, there are no Tiki bar's per se in D.C. but there are quite a few bars that make killer Tiki Cocktails.)

I visited here last night and went through two classic Tiki Cocktails and then asked the bartender to make me a Tiki cocktail or two of his choice. I first had a Zombie which was fantastic, then switched to a Painkiller which was perhaps the best I've had (On par with Frankie's in Vegas)The bartender then made me a "Cava Bowl" and another drink I forgot which had a Grapefruit forward taste. I then had another Painkiller and finished the evening with a classic Daiquiri.

The food here consists of Potstickers, Skewers and Steamed Bao. All of which was inexpensive and quite tasty!

Again while not in Tiki appearance, the drinks here are spot on!


(I have no affiliation with Copycat Co.)

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