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Hey guys, just getting warmed up here in the forum. I do a lot in watercolor, very neotraditional tattoo style, but FOR THE LOVE OF RUM I thought I'd post a few theme-appropriate works... first up: a few pattern tile pieces I had printed as fabric for an aloha shirt, but can also be wallpaper/wrapping paper on SPOONFLOWER.com


...and I'm also the guy posting about the misfits/maitai shirt
(might see these at TIKIOASIS2016 as well)

Heres a puffer, a 'Hussy', and an ominous red banana...

a lil tease of some works from my 'spooki series'- (something something TIKIOASIS2016 something)

(I'm @ArtAlaDang on instagram to stay current w the teases)

...Aaannnndd I've been messing around with 3D printing my own tiki mugs. Anybody else doing this?

Last one for now: a small collage of some of the tiki-er designs I have on Zazzle.com (shirts and POD product stuffs

Killer! The Droopy piece is awesome....4 Life!


Nice work, I like the orange color Maori looking mug.

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Haha, devil Bob. You should make that mug, it would be a HOT seller.

Thx all for the kind words, always nice to see if "the audience gets the gag"; and extra nice to get positive vibes to know I'm doing the genre justice...

You've created a style unlike anyone else's and that's really hard to accomplish. I think you've found your niche in the tiki world.

Horror in Clay aka Jonathan Chaffin did a 3D printer mug that was used to make the mold to cast ceramic mugs. The printer however made many undercut areas that had to be dealt with before casting.


Yeah, im pretty sure thats how mine got made (it was all done through shapeways.com, and their guidelines were very strict in order to flag the mugs as 'printable' in porcelain,i just created the 3d model).

Awesome artwork!

Thx (all) for the great feedback and positive vibes both here and at my popup art show (pARTay) at 2016s Tiki Oasis! TikiO (as always was a great time, the artshow/room party went great (grand member 'Lunavideogames' even won us BEST COCKTAIL!) SPOILER ALERT- Looks like I'll be vending at Tiki Mākeke on December 10th at Don the Beachcomber! Already working on lots of new stuffs...

Working on A LOT of new pieces for December's Tiki Mākeke at Don the Beachcomber, I'll be posting and unveiling on here/insta/etsy and society6 along the way. here's a few to wet your weasel:

a few are already up on soc6:

It's obvious that you are having a blast with tiki art. I have yet to cut loose. Maybe one day...
Keep on having fun so we can enjoy your creativity.

Cheers, Wendy

Hi again all! Looking forward to Tiki Oasis again this year, but as a castaway of the midwest, there are extra considerations for the traveling artist. Would love to partner up with another artist to vend; share a table (cost and coverage). If anyone knows of another like-minded artist, please contact via [email protected] THX!

detail view of a newer piece "Twisk of fate"

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