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Tiki Art Type here in the North Texas parts!

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Aloha friends! I recently hosted a luau in my downtown square and created these over sized paper mache tikis. Each grouping of tikis/leaves and flames were about 10' tall, about 4' deep and 6' across. They flanked the stage we had bands performing on, so they're mirrored, 2 of each figure. Oh and I made some 4 foot tiki torches to hang off of the gazebo pillars too! Good times. Thanks for the visit!


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cy posted on Thu, Jul 7, 2016 7:30 AM

Nice work and pics!

These are really well done and fun. You need to post all your work on the same post. If we all did each work separately it would quickly fill up the page with the same name. If you want to change the title to reflect your latest post go to page one first post and click on edit. That will allow you to change the header and then click on submit.

Good luck, Wendy

Watercolor on paper....

been adding my own little soundtracks to these!


Your thread is really developing to a fun spot to visit. Keep it up! Wendy

I really like the fish head one.What size are these?

On 2016-07-20 07:33, ARTalaDANG wrote:
I really like the fish head one.What size are these?

Hey thanks AalaD!

They're 11" x 14" watercolors destined for framing and a show in the Fall....

With music: https://instagram.com/p/BIQ_EE7DUbe/

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Found a bunch of old pics from years past. Calling it #tumblebackwardstuesday #TBT. A fun one from 2001.

A little pineapple action for your Sunday...

A little doozie from 2004. One shot oil on wood. Frank and his honey on the beach!

Paint's dry on this one!

Got her displayed in my studio for the jungle goodness!

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