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Book of Tiki Jr now available!

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The 'Icon' version of 'The Book of Tiki' (AKA Book of Tiki Jr/Little Book of Tiki/Tiki Style Midsize) is available from http://www.amazon.co.uk

I guess it's been released in Europe first, as the publisher (Taschen) is German. The cost is £7.99 (UK pounds), which translates as about $12.

Funnily enough, the 'perfect partner' book Amazon have matched it with is 'Stupid White Men'!

Trader Woody

Thanks for alerting me to this, Woody, but this can't be the TIKI ICON, this must be the softcover of the BOT. Annoyingly they call it "Midsize", which is WRONG, it is THE Book of Tiki, just that the thinner cover makes it seem a few milimeters smaller.
I finished the lay out for the ICON, but have not been deadlined about the text edit yet, my publisher said it won't be out before next year...

Plus as I just found out, the BOT 3rd printing/soft cover edition is arriving in the US by boat on September 12th, at the warehouse that is. So it will be a while for it to reach the stores.


I ordered this about 3-4 weeks ago and it arrived quickly, in great shape and was, as you point out, dirt cheap. Even with international shipping, the cost was still very sweet. And the nicest thing is that if you have ordered from Amazon.com US, your information is already in the system!


According to what I saw when I logged on, the book they are selling is the Hardcover. That's one hec of a good price for the hardcover!

Is it a mistake on the computer?

Yeah, no, that it still has "hardcover" on that page is just an Amazon UK oversight.

When I clicked on my name as author, it listed the BOT, Tiki Road Trip (for the foreword), AND still the age old interim BOT title "In Search of Tiki" as a seperate book, so they don't seem to research their pages too seriously....


I wondered about that when I ordered the book and can attest that The Tiki Midsize is not, as listed, a hardcover volume. It is an oversized trade paperback. Very good quality and sturdier than most, but definitely not a hardcover.

Aha, yet another twist in the continuing saga of the Book of Tiki!I literally spent years looking for a copy (this was in the age where you had to physically ask at bookshops for difficult to find books rather than just search for them on the internet!) all because a BBC documentary described
BigBro as being the author of the BoT. They didn't mention that it was as yet unpublished!

Since then, Amazon UK has somehow managed to describe it in virtually every single
way except "The Book of Tiki" and it looks as though they have continued in this vein. Must say that £7.99 is a bargain, though!

By the way, will the Icons version differ significantly? (Excepting the obvious
size difference, of course)

Trader Woody


As usual I've missed something. What is the "ICON" version? Sounds like you could carry it in your wallet.


I went to Amazon.com.uk and typed in "Book of Tiki" (even The Book of Tiki) but nothing comes up. What am I doing wrong? I have been trying to get this book for ages.


Tex, try this link:


As I said, Amazon UK calls it "Tiki Style Midsize" !?

...and Taschen Icons are "Reader's Digest" like condensed versions of their bigger books, smaller format, with soft cover, for under ten bucks.


Thanks, BBT. Can't wait to finally get a copy.
I have a question that will probably sound really dumb, but bear in mind I know nothing about the book publishing biz. When a CD is released and sells like wildfire, there is a scramble to print another batch. However, I've noticed that some books sell so well that they become collector's items, yet are never reprinted. Could someone shed some light on why that is?
It happened with another book I bought in the mid-'70s. I know people who can't find it anywhere but would love a copy. Seems that since it sold so well the first time around it would surely do so again.
Thanks in advance for the education. :)


This probably has to be taken with a pinch of salt but Amazon.co.uk is now listing the 'Icons' version to be published this December.

"The Book of Tiki (Icons S.)
Sven A. Kirsten

US List Price: $9.99
UK Equivalent: £5.56
Our Price: £5.00"


Trader Woody

SUPPOSEDLY the Tiki Icons should be coming off the press on October 15th, but I am not saying they WILL, and not guessing WHEN they will be available WHERE, it is all too unreliable.

Just to reiterate: The Icon is a "Reader's Digest" version of the Big BoT, so it will be smaller and have less images (and no new ones), yet it's advantages lie therein:
Because it is light and small, the brethren will be able to travel with it, and it will be cheaper, so it makes an easy giveaway to the uninitiated.

I had to edit out some chapters, but kept the text as intact as possible (no captions though), which is unique to TASCHEN Icons which usually are images only. And I had fun re-doing the lay out so that many images that were too small in the BoT are bigger now (for example the Kahiki menu is now a double page spread).

I hope this edition will carry the Tiki virus to yet untouched pockets of the Tiki-void world.

A treat for anyone who loves Tiki style.... November 27, 2000 Reviewer:traderwoody

Woody that was a hell of a review btw.

On 2004-09-17 11:47, Tiki-Toa wrote:
A treat for anyone who loves Tiki style.... November 27, 2000 Reviewer:traderwoody

Ha! I'd forgotten about that completely. They do say that everything you put on the net will come back to haunt you, but at least I can stick by my original judgement. Hell, I've bought 2 more copies since!

Trader Woody


bigbrotiki wrote:

"Because (The Icon version of the BoT) is light and small, the brethren will be able to travel with it, and it will be cheaper, so it makes an easy giveaway to the uninitiated."

The low cost makes it perfect for leaving copies in motel room nightstands as a guiding light for travelers in their times of need. The light weight is excellent for street preachers to wave in the air while wailing against the evils of sports bars and orange Mai Tais.

if only we could get flamming BOT to make our street preaching more impressive..


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