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Kel Luau, Pasadena, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Kel Luau
Street:325 Rosemead Blvd

I had clipped a few news articles on the Kel Luau grand opening in Pasadena in 1968. A cool looking mid-century modern building fa├žade and sign for a Tiki-style Hawaiian and American food joint.

They features non-alcoholic Tiki drinks that were served in a glass or in a flaming Tiki Bowl.

This menu popped up on ebay with some more info on the food.

The Tiki drinks - Great surf culture names!

The menu indicated that there were three locations in So Cal with ambitious plans to open franchises across the country (Hawaii, Alaska?).

I have not seen anything else from the chain, so I am assuming that it was a big pipe dream that didn't pan out. Would be interesting to see the photos of the North Hollywood and Marina del Rey locations.


Nice, DC! That building does look pretty nifty. It would be cool to see a photo of it turn up.



Until I saw that menu on e-bay, I had never heard its name uttered. Wish there was a photo of that building, and that sign (with a Tiki!). Maybe it disappeared fast, having opened at the tail end of the trend...

This place definitely came and went pretty fast. Will try to find some info on the other two locations.


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Here is a closer look at the Tiki on the sign, kind of abstract cool. Makes you think that there may have been Tikis inside.


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