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Tiki sighting in Freddy vs Jason

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Posting this makes me admit I actually saw this movie.

There is a scene, if you blink you'll miss it, of Camp Crystal Lake (flashback 1957) and there are 2 (tiki) totem's holding up the sign.

Actually it was the highlight of the movie.
Whoever said you can find tiki anywhere, was right.

Posting this makes me admit I actually saw this movie.

Hee hee, and you can't say it's because your five year old wanted to go! (Or can you?)

So is this movie out yet? I found out how the movie ends a couple of months ago. Not a big deal for me, but my friend was pissed that they saw the ending. Bad times...


I would NEVER let him see something like that. The extent of scary for him is SpongeBob Halloween. (I was SHOCKED at the amount of small children in the audience!!!!)

Sadly, I was the one that wanted to see it. I guess bc I had seen the movies when I was in highschool.

Robert Englund said there were 3 endings. The one for the DVD would be different than the movie. The orginal ending did not do well with test audiences so they reshot it.

They did show a preview of (remake)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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Yes! I noticed the poles too. I think they might have been more Northwest Indian style though.


Didn't anyone else notice that when the stoner sets Jason on fire in the cornfield, he uses a tiki torch to do so?

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