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Outstanding hand carved and chiseled lava rock tiki

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Hand carved and chiseled lava tiki from a large collection originally in South County OC.
Tiki was carved in the mid 70's in Hawaii and shipped to California 25 plus years ago.
Tiki used to be two pieces but now is one . Height is 7 ft 5 " .Takes two people to easily
move it .Would be a real stand out piece in your backyard..pool area..tiki bar or tiki room.
A very rare and unique Tiki statue indeed. Thank you for looking .

Serious inquiries only please
Local buyers preferred

$1800 CASH & CARRY

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Very cool! (not worried about Pele's Curse? :wink: )

I do not believe in superstitions so definitely no, especially since I was not the one that brought the lava rock from Hawaii many years ago .

That "Pele's Curse" thing is the oldest tourist guide yarn out there. They built whole apartment complexes with lava rock!

Lava rock Tikis ARE rare, even the mainland-made. I love the primitive look of some. I have this head (which I used for my Paris TIKI POP exhibition)...

I think was carved by Mike Gildea & friends...


...who also sold their stuff through Eli Hedley's Island Trade store. Eli used these Lava heads for Trader Dick's decor:

Now, YOUR Tiki is quite different. Though many time it is a false claim, in this case I do believe it was actually carved in Hawaii. The reason is that those slanted eyes are actually not used that often, and they remind me of the Hawaiian Eye Tiki:

I don't know who carved it, that is gonna be hard to find out, I don't believe it could have been Edward Brownlee.

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Thanks Sven for your confirmation regarding origin where tiki is most likely from.

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I realize many of you are broke because you spent all your money at TO , however this lava tiki is by far one of the coolest and possibly one of the more rare I have seen offered on TC or any where else for that matter . I am really surprised no one has stepped up for this .


I love this piece. The problem is getting it to Ohio


I have vast knowledge in shipping valuable and fragile items Tikijimmy. This can easily be crated and shipped at a reasonable price.I have several shippers to choose from as well.


Although not old, I bought this Moai from a pawn shop on the island of Hawaii about eight years ago. The shop owner said it was made by a local artist whose name escapes me now.


tikijimmy left you message inbox here on TC.
Moai Mike very nice lave rock Moai tiki .


I am thinking about putting this on ebay ..not sure if I want to or not .




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still available


Most of the people that have made offers or wanted to buy this take have been out of state as
well as located in Hawaii and didn't want to spend the money on shipping .Could have sold this tiki
easily five times over .Tiki is still available for the right person.If you live in California this
tiki is unique and one of a kind . Would really compliment your back yard landscape poolside tiki
bar or tiki room.Feel free to inquire or ask any questions regarding this .
Thank you for all your compliments and inquires.



The tiki is now one piece . It's over 7 foot tall .
Takes two people people to lift easily .Don't ask me what it weighs because I don't know .


Still available . Thanks for all the inquiries .

prefer local pick ups

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