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The Undertow, Phoenix, AZ (bar)

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Name:The Undertow
Street:3620 East Indian School Road

Oh Damn! What an awesome place! This place just opened in Phoenix, and it is amazing! While it is small, you really feel like you are in the hold of a ship, as the theming is very well done. And the drinks are some of the best I've ever had. They do a marvelous mix of the classics and their own inventions.

Be advised, it is new and in high demand, so you want to make reservations at this time.


Had the good fortune of dropping in to this establishment last night, and it was indeed a most pleasant surprise. ("Surprise" also being apt due to its location, as it is tucked into a former sub-level service bay of a gas station-turned-coffee/beer garden.)

It's a small space (I believe that it only seats around 30-35 people, max) but doesn't feel cramped, and every inch of it dripping with tiki-goodness. And when I say "dripping" I almost mean it literally as this nautically-themed bar tries its very best to make you feel as if you are in the dank, sultry hold of an old tramp-steamship, complete with porthole covered LED screens depicting various exotic ports-o-call.

The drinks were all wonderful, with a terrific selection of both standard tiki favorites and delicious signature creations. The service was very friendly and accomodating. They run a very tight ship and even though they limit your stay to just over an hour (due to the small space and the great demand) but nobody felt pressured or rushed. They don't serve food, but that was okay because we made an evening out of dining first at Hula's Modern Tiki restaurant which is just about 10 minutes away.

This place is a definite "can't miss" if you are in the area. As has been said, reservations are a must because of the wee size and popularity. Six people is the largest party that they can accomodate. We had a wonderful time and it is well worth any small hoops you need to go through to get there.

I was there last night too!! It was early though, like 8.

Were you there when the footsteps went overhead?

On 2016-11-26 13:39, CosmoReverb wrote:
They run a very tight ship

No pun intended? :wink:


[ Edited by: Tiki Drifter 2016-11-27 17:34 ]

Fun coincidence! We were there early too, around 8:30. We were the group of six drunkards at the corner table. I don't recall hearing the steps overhead but my girlfriend says that she heard them. Apparently they coincided with one of the "changes of harbor" out the portholes?

Good times!

I see that you are from my old haunt. I haven't had a chance to make it down to check out False Idol or The Grass Skirt yet but hope to do so in the very near future.

On 2016-11-27 17:22, Tiki Drifter wrote:

On 2016-11-26 13:39, CosmoReverb wrote:
They run a very tight ship

No pun intended? :wink:

Oh pun very much intended... er, I mean... um... Pun? Why I would never stoop to such a common and hackneyed literary device.


Have been to The Undertow numerous times since my first post-I like it more and more each time. As my taster develops, the drinks are of the highest quality. The space is small (be advised) but wonderfully immersive. And then you have the bar tenders-they have been wonderfully gracious, and have given this tiki drink newbie priceless education on how to enjoy their marvelous drinks.

We plan to stop in Phoenix on our way to the Grand Canyon in a couple months. We will have the entire day to roam around the city and will want to make a night of it at Undertow. Is a reservation still required and the time of stay limited?

Anything else we need to do while in the area?

Visited UnderTow last summer for my, then, fiancé’s birthday and now we’re headed back for my, now, wife’s birthday next week.
I’m way stoked. We’ll be the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and will be booking reservations for each night over the next couple days, since you can only book 7 days out.

I saw various posts on IG showing that they still had some glasses and mugs from AZ Tiki Oasis, so we might be leaving with a few things.

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