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Town and Country Hotel / Tiki Hut, San Diego, CA (hotel)

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Name:Town and Country Hotel / Tiki Hut
Street:500 Hotel Cir N
City:San Diego

Though only a small part of this giant complex had a tiki in it, it was a cool thing to behold. Also, one of the buildings was called "Tiki Hut". I've talked to Bosko and he has said that the "Tiki Hut" was basically just a building that had corporate events/gatherings. From the looks of the pics, that's pretty much all it was. But the giant flaming tiki was cool. Also (I didn't notice this till now, it does appear that there was another giant flaming tiki. I took a close up of the pics for everyone to see.

I've always liked the palm entrance.

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I was not aware of this Don. Sorta reminds me of the Goof atop the Bali Hai.
I’ll make it a point to check it out next time I’m down south.

Save yourself the side trip, nui 'umi 'umi.

I was at the T&C a few months ago for a convention. The "Tiki Hut" has retained its name, but nothing else. It's been remodeled and now looks like a plain white gazebo with windows.

I peeked inside. It's very, very white.

Sadly, there's nothing tiki to see here (unless you count fake potted palm trees).

Mahalo Retro

The tiki is still around!

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