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Don's restaurant and Tiki Room, Tacoma, WA (bar)

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Name:Don's Tiki Room
Street:902 Broadway

Tropical Lounge

In 1890 the incredible Tacoma Theater opened and at the time it was the largest stage on the west coast drawing the biggest stars of the day.

Eventually it was renamed the Music Box and tragically in 1963 it was destroyed by fire.

But when I looked at this photo a noticed ...
Don's Tiki Room

I went to the library dug through old phone books finding this ad.
"Enjoy Good Food in a Friendly Island Atmosphere"
"cocktails in the relaxing Tiki Room"

Talking to folks who have lived here all their lives I found one who had picked up the cocktail menu in 1962...

Offering the Tiki Room cocktail, Honolulu cocktail, Hawaii cocktail, Bamboo cocktail, Zombie, Planters Punch, Singapore Sling and Mai Tai's.

From what I could find it looks like it may have opened in 1958 and closed in '63 with the fire. And that it may have opened when the Tacoma Islander restaurant was remodeled by Clark's, it's possible that its bamboo and other decor may have been reused there (just my speculation).

Aloha, tikicoma

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Thanks for the post I have that menu and never knew a Location. It is always great to get the connections to these old places.

Great post! It's always interesting to me how so many places borrowed so much from Don the Beachcomber. Not only the general concept but the drink recipes (as best they could), the name "Don's", even the iconography of the driftwood signage etc.

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