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Samoa Club, Idaho Falls, ID (bar)

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Name:Samoa Club
Street:339 Park Ave.
City:Idaho Falls
Phone:(208) 525- 9924

This bar has a great neon sign but from internet photos no other signs of tikiness. But what of its past? The earliest reference to the S.S.Samoa Club is 1939 leaving plenty of room for a tropical heyday.

We've seen this locations matchbook cover used in tiki revival "vintage" sign art...

And now a drink token for the establishment has surfaced with the information that in 1939-40 it served beer and starting in 1941 liquor. That is quite a run under the Samoa Club name!

Now if we only had someone near there to do some investigating... or someone who had access to newspaper files?

aloha, tikicoma

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Bump, sorry about the delay in completing this post.

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