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My backyard

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The following link is to a cheap geocities site dedicated to my backyard. Sorry for all the pop-ups.


I recently updated the site showing the progress of my Tiki hut and backyard.

This is not a commerical in any way, there is nothing for sale on the site. I just wanted to share my backyard with people who I know will appreciate it and not look at me like I'm crazy..the way my neighbors do.

Thanks for looking
Erich Troudt

laney posted on Wed, Jul 10, 2002 7:29 PM

Excelent work! Very creative! Bravo!


Amazing! It kind of reminds me of the poolside hut at the Hanalei Hotel in San Diego. We were taking pictures in front of it and the gardener came by asking "Why do you want pictures of that?". Your hut is even better. I especially like the glass float hanging of the nice long roof beam (that reminds me a bit of the Half Moon Inn, in San Diego too). I can imagine the yard at night!

Sir, you are the envy of all your TC friends! Man, that is awesome! In fact, I can't really find any approriate words to describe it right now. (I'll think of some when I'm a little more awake!)

But the details, the talent, the time and the creativity...just boggles my mind!

And what beautiful props!!! Wonderful carvings!

So, when you taking an exotic trip to Ohio so you can give me some pointers?

See, in my neighborhood some stupid kids would take my stuff. (That is why we are moving, hopefully!)

Thanks for sharing the pics. Very impressive.
And very much appreciated.


Very cool, Erich! When's the party?

It really looks great. You are doing a wonderful job.


Erich, that is too cool! You're livin' the dream.

Will you post pictures of what's inside?
...or is that taboo? 8)

That took a lot of planning, creativity and work. How about some more photos when the thatch is on.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. It's nice to have people appreciate it and understand it.

I will definetly update the site once my lazy self puts the thatching on the roof. I will let you know when I do.

As far as the inside goes.....Well, originally it was supposed to be strictly storage. A place to keep the motelback chairs and the lawnmower. I just focused on the outside in order for it not to ruin the look of my backyard.

Then I noticed 4 boxes full of hawaiian, polynesian, tiki, cool "stuff" sitting in the garage. This stuff is not cool enough to make it in the house collection..but too cool for ebay. So a few shelves later...2 of the 4 inside walls are decorated. Soon I won't want to put the wheelbarrel or the lawnmower inside. Maybe I'll put some Inside pics up when I update the site.

Thanks everyone


Wow, Erich, this is some fine work. I so wanted there to be a bar inside and not just a storage room. Your attention to detail is terrific!
Keep us posted.

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