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Aloha Tiki Tribe!

Can a raffle be free? If not what would it be?

Short story long... I am currently moving, everything is going in storage and I am going AWOL.
I have purged everything I possibly can and still have too much.

I will be posting some tiki ceramics soon, but this needs done now since the holiday is quickly approaching.

I received this beautiful work of art in an art swap years ago and it was on display the entire time. But unfortunately I just have no room anymore. It's a tall lamp (approx. 15" tall - bubble wrapped atm) and it has a very cool lava light bulb included.

Hate to see it go, but since it has to it needs to go to a caring family who can appreciate it as much as I do.

Traveling Jones did a fantastic job sculpting it, the detailing is over the top, the colors are vibrant and just perfect for the piece.
In the spirit of the art swaps I can not charge for it. I don't want it to go to just anyone, so I am posting this here, the only place that I feel... oh I don't know, it just needs to go to someone here.

The picture is small but I just ripped it from the art swap thread.
Traveling Jones' Na Iwi O Pele (The Bones of Pele) lamp


So here is the deal. Anyone who is interested should post in this thread stating why they feel THEY should get it.

If there are a good amount of names by xmas (say 10+?) I will pick a name that day. If it's not enough time I will postpone the drawing until New Years day.
I will pick the 3 best reasons why posters think they should get it and will double their chances in the drawing.

(names on paper in a hat :D )

So don't rush your answers, make 'em count. And may the best Tikiphile win!!!

I will then send a PM to the winner, and announce in this thread.

The winner will need to PM me back shipping info and I will send it off at NO charge. I did say FREE raffle :D

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This is an amazing gift you are letting go.
Do I love the lamp, yes.
Would I like to own the lamp, yes.

As soon as I finished reading your post
Only 1 thought came to mind

It should go to MadDogMike
He has done a great job leading the swaps and
He is truly one of the nicest people I know.
Kindness and selflessness are truly a rare quality to find in someone.
Mike possesses both of these qualitys and is very deserving of the great gift.

So I proudly nominate him to be the recipient.

I hope the Tiki Gods agree

Aloha Bruddah
Jon out

Good call Jon... MDM is a good choice

Come on guys! I was going to come in here and enter the raffle saying that I didn't deserve it but it was really bitchin' and I just wanted it. Now I can't say I don't deserve it but that will make Jon and Erich look like liars. If I say they are liars then I'm not a nice guy any more and that creates some sort of cyclical invalid argument (like dividing by zero) making a tear in the time/space continuum and causing the TC universe to collapse!!! (Did that make sense? It's getting late :wink: )

I say you put H10T and ET in the drawing along with me and whoevery else pops up, I'm willing take my chances (It is a really bitchin' lamp!!!)

Besides, running the Swaps is it's own reward :D


I agree that MDM should have it. I like it, but have also recently gone through a purge and don't really have room for it right now. If you put my name in the hat, I'll just send it to Mike. :)


Love the lamp but there are certainly others who deserve it more.

I love Traveling Jones. He should come back on here and post again. Good idea to put MDM, hang10tiki and Eric in a HUGE bag and draw one of these guys out. Then that person can carry it home.

This should be fun, Wendy


MDM for sure.

cy posted on Tue, Dec 20, 2016 11:09 AM

As much as I deserve to get one of my favorite swap participants Traveling Jones' ultra-cool lamp, I have to grudgingly agree that Mad Dog would be a great choice, good call H10. I do have many empty plug sockets in my home just in case however.


Just saw this, and, yes, will throw in for Mike- though I'm enjoying reading everyone's not-quite-as-enthusiastic-but-honest votes. :) :)

Speaking of Swaps... Mike..???


After re-reading your post, since we do have to nominate someone, I will make it more "official." I nominate Mad Dog Mike to win this raffle in the hopes that winning will make him less Mad.

I'm out!


Sorry about slackin off on this.

So I put everyone's names in a hat and would you believe it?

The one name I draw is...


I know unreal eh? It's amazing! It's astounding! It's well deserved!

Congrats MDM, you da man!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you Badd Tiki. It is a cool piece and I have just the place for it. Will post a pic in it's new digs once it arrives. Thank you all for your nominations :wink:

BaddTiki- you are awesome
TikiGods- thanks for picking MadDog
MadDog- CongraDs

Hey guys!!! I got my lamp in a while back and it is full tilt awesome!!! Thank you Badd Tiki and all those who "voted" for me.

So it seems that Traveling Jones left the shade up to the owner and I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I think a glass pendant light shade would look cool, especially when lit up. Now I need to figure out a way to hold up that heavy glass shade. Update coming soon hopefully :D

Way kool

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