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Tiki Underground, Hudson, OH (restaurant)

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Name:Tiki Underground
Street:5893 Akron-Cleveland Rd

Hey Folks,
Well we did it. We are currently in the tikibar/Restaurant business! Signed the lease a few weeks ago and doing the remodeling now. With the help of some great folks, including the great TikiSkip. We are working towards an opening in March. I'll try to post more as I have time. Here is our press release.

Sean and Jessie Coffey are opening Tiki Underground in the Akron, Ohio area in Winter 2017. If you want to be the first in the door, check out our exclusive Founders Club, The Tiki Underground Syndicate: http://www.gofundme.com/tusyndicate

Join us in our quest to share our love for tiki culture by emailing us [email protected]

"we recently found a moai that is believed to be from the Kahiki, the iconic polynesian restaurant in Columbus, Ohio (now closed) and we would humbly love to bring it home to Ohio again"

I have video of the Kahiki and could maybe see it in the Kahiki.
If you want to send pictures of this I could let you know if I remember it.

No longer collecting, in fact I sold you a great carving from the Kahiki, I hated to sell it.
BUT it will look great in your place.

Can't wait to see your new place good luck!!


We need to see pictures of the build out.


This is going to be great... Ohio is quickly becoming a tiki nexus...


Hey checked out this place last night it was great and had a great time!
Thanks Jessie & Sean!

Meet the owners....
Jessie & Sean


The Tiki Underground has lots of Witco, some original kahiki and lots of Tikiskip lights 10 in all I think.
Plus 4 Kahiki lights.

Here are a few more pic's....
Low light pics with shutter open on tripod, people move make picture blur( Boy that one guy was really still).
Flash in a tiki bar makes for a bad scene.




Very cool Skip...love the lighting and the intimate space. OGR


Thanks OGR get well soon.
Skip out.

Thanks TikiSkip for taking the Photos and to all that came out!
It was a wonderful night!
We really would like to do a tiki swap meet this summer if we can get enough folks to participate!

We're looking forward to the International Tiki Underground Marketplace! And of course the grand opening next weekend..

What's great about Tiki Underground is that it's brand new yet has an authentic vintage vibe... it already feels like it was operating there for 50 years!

The first thing you see when you walk in the door is part of the Kahiki...

And plenty of fantastic Tikiskip lamps all over the place...

The mermaid is from the Treasure Island Room and the Witco bar and the framed mug holder on the wall is from TIKIDAVID's Captain's Table (and originally, we think, the Angry Bull in Huron)...

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Nice shots, Looks Great. Hey, Who is that nut in the last picture stealing a great artist's light? :)


You are too kind Or Got Rum?

Damn I need a better looking stand in for photos.

Great time tonight at the Grand Opening ... and a huge crowd! Probably the fact that they were on TV this morning got a ton of people out. And the Kahuna Kings were playing tonight. It abuts a national park so it has a pretty big parking lot, but the place was so packed tonight that there wasn't a single open spot in the whole lot ...

The first thing you see when you open the door is a big panel from the Kahiki, courtesy tikiskip...

Tonight was the first night we saw all these lamps from the Kahiki installed and alight:

An old couple who had just finished their dinner were watching us. The husband finally asked, "Why are you taking pictures of those lights?"

"Those are from the Kahiki."

"The what?"

We proceeded to explain to them what the Kahiki was---giving the 60-second elevator pitch we use to non-tikiphiles, explaining the indoor rainstorm and the giant moai and how it was thought to be the biggest and best Polynesian tiki supper club in the world. And that people like Bob Hope and Zsa Zsa Gabor were regulars.

"All that---in Columbus? Now I would've known that!" He lifted his Ohio State cap to scratch his head, and we could tell that he was very excited. He and his wife stood up. "Her hearing aid is on that side, so you'll have to talk over there. But tell me---we're from Columbus, we used to live there! We both graduated from OSU in 1960 before we came up here. Tell me, when was this place around?"

"It opened in 1961."

They both laughed a big laugh. But we told them to take a look at the Kahiki stuff in the front foyer on their way out. They were still there looking in amazement when we left. He was shaking his head. "Bob Hope! In Columbus! Why, who would've ever thought..."

Great pix and great stories. Good luck and best wishes to Sean and Jessie.
Mahalo to all posted here,

Looking forward to checking this place out soon and bringing some friends. Followed a lot of the pre-opening story and location search through Tiki Underground's Twitter account, which is part of my Twitter feed. If they had been in Akron proper I'd probably be a "regular" - but no big deal - the extra drive north will only make each trip more special!

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From May through September, we pronounce OHIO "OH-HEE-OH"
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Closed in 2021.

New location opened September 2022 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

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