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8 Mile & The Chin Tiki

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When the Eminem movie comes out (8 Mile) I volunteer to take one for the team and go see it to report on the Chin Tiki scenes...

Actually, I hate to admit it, but the movie looks kinda interesting.

I am very afraid for you...


Perhaps you could turn your viewing into some sort of charity event -- collecting donations for every minute of the movie endured, with all proceeds going to benefit endangered tiki bars.


Yeah! Feel free to sponsor me - send a buck to my PayPal account!

Actually, beyond the Chin Tiki scenes, it'll be cool to see Detroit on film. I'm actually more scared of having to see Kim Basinger than haveing to see Eminem, ahah!


Curtis Hanson is a great director, so I will be giving the film a chance. "L.A. Confidential" was my second favorite movie of the '90s (couldn't beat the experience of "Ed Wood" in New York City, 1995).

Ed Wood rules! I loved the Cuban cabana bar scene in the film.

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