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Tiki Bob showoff

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It always feels a little funny to brag in public about a tiki acquisition, but Naomi and I are pleased as punch about this mega Tiki Bob we got recently, and wanted to show everyone!

We just got married last month, and for the event we asked Danny Diablo (aka thechikitiki here) to do a commissioned carving of our favorite tiki, TIKI BOB! He did a fantastic job, and here are a couple photos:

Naomi with big Bob

My bouncing baby niece Serena enjoying her first immersive tiki experience.


That is a perfect Tiki Bob!


Congratulations! I hope you and your bride many, many years of health and happiness! Your TikiBob is brilliant! TheChikitiki - outstanding!

Congratulations Randy and Naomi. I wish you two the best on your new life together.

Chiki - excellent work as always!


Blessings on you and yours! May your family's journey always be along smooth and scenic roads...

Wow! That is an awesome oversized Tiki Bob. Perhaps you should call him Tiki Robert!

That is a Beaut!
How many ounces does that hold?
If you need any help on your anniversary (drinking it), you just let me know, I'll book the next flight.
Congrat's on your marriage, and may the Tikis shine upon you

Wow! Congrats on your XL Tiki Bob but more importantly getting married! I hope we can see you sometime soon and buy you a wedding cocktail at the Tonga Room, Vic's or any ol place. All the best and Congratulations!


Congratulations and lots of luck!

Nice work on Big Bob there Danny.

I wish you many years of happiness, and fullfilment of both presonal and mutual dreams & goals...and with this beautiful Tiki Bob, I see that's just what you're doing.
Excellent work by thechikitiki.



Is that a log? Its a beast....

Super super cool. I see a new market for you in gigantic mug replications.

On 2003-08-19 08:58, Monkeyman wrote:
Super super cool. I see a new market for you in gigantic mug replications.

I can see it now: Dita von Tease has the giant champagne glass that she does her act in - now we need a giant mug, or better yet a scorpion volcano bowl, for Shelley to pop out of, wearing one of her fab Mystery Girl outfits! ooh la la!

Hey there Randy and Naomi, I loved Naomi's reaction when she saw Bob. Thanks for letting me be a part of you celebration, it was fab to see how happy you guys were on your big day. On a different note, thanks for the props on the tiki. Carved it out of mex fan palm and gave it a stain and varnish finish followed up with some oil-based paint.

Long-overdue Congratulations to Randy and Naomi! I'm happy for you two. Looks like you had a wonderful wedding. Commissioning artwork from talented friends is a smart and fulfulling way to collect. Good thinking there.


The latest work you've been doing is simply top-knotch. It's as good or better than any of the professional tikis in front of all those classic restaurants on my postcards. In the heyday of tiki, you would have had steady, commissioned work. (I wish the original owners of Tiki Bob's could see that one!) I hope the current tiki renaissance will provide you with all the opportunities you need for success. I'm savin' up my Ebay money to commission one myself before you're priced out of my range.



bes man fo da job. Das cherry Chiki! Congrats on your wedding to.


Congratulations to everybody!
Randy, Naomi, Chikitiki, Tikibob!
Everybody a winner!



Mahalo nui loa for all the nice comments! I hope many of you will sometime have the chance to see Tiki Bob in his permanent home at our place in Belmont. Guests always make him smile.

BTW, he's about 4 1/2 feet tall, and the actual depth inside the lip of the mug is only about an inch or so. Ask King Kukulele to do his Tiki Bob impression - it's pretty good.

Next stop, Chicago!

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