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Today's thrift store find - Trader Vic's Martini Glass

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I live in NJ, and I'm often very jealous of all you guys on the west coast and down in Florida who seemingly find tiki at every other yard sale. So today was a very special day for me. Walked into my local Goodwill Store, only to see this sitting on the shelf, for the grand price of 99 cents...

An original Trader Vic's Martini Glass. For a moment I thought "is this a replica?" because it's pristine, looks brand spanking new. But I think it really is what I think it is.

Needless to say, it made my day. Always wanted one, never thought I'd find one. And the fact that I got it in a thrift store for 99 cents will make it all the more memorable :)

Had to share.

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's a great find indeed. I believe that style is called the aperitif glass. Vic filed a patent for the design of stemware manufactured by Morgantown glass back in 1960. There are a few styles and sometimes some color variations. Still a rare find today.


Fantastic find, I'm jealous. :)

sweet, that is what this stuff is all about!


Good for you. I am always looking for that one but all I ever see is that damn green cactus stemware :(


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I lived in Morgantown as a kid

Awesome find!


Found this book today


The jockey glass pictured was also used for the Derby Daiquiri served at the Mai Kai.

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