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Important jobs

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In these days of so many Hollywood celebrities touting how enormously important they and what they do are and how their “values, beliefs and philosophy” should be lapped up and followed by those who worship them, some interesting responses have arisen.

Spouse and many other doctors / nurses / First Responders / Military are taking (in the workplaces and on social media) special offense at celebs declaring loudly, theirs (acting ones) are the most important jobs.

Out of which came this joke which brought a smile to this non-TV / non-movies person:

Q: What is the only thing more useless than a Hollywood actor?

A: A room full of Hollywood actors all trying out for the same part


"In these days of so many Hollywood celebrities touting how enormously important they and what they do are"

Awesome! totally agree!
And many of them are A holes!

They treat their help bad, they treat the people they are married to bad, they aren't even nice to the people they are cheating on their spouse with.

Why does the world fall at their feet still?

The truly great actors are mostly dead, used to be you needed to be a triple threat to be really big.
That is able to sing, dance and act.

Now all that needs to be big is your butt.


Elvis put it best...

Q: Mr Presley, as you've mentioned your time in the service, what is your opinion of war protesters and would you today refuse to be drafted?

Elvis: Honey, I'd just sooner keep my own personal views about that to myself cause I'm just an entertainer and I'd rather not say.

Elvis Press interview

I might be coming from the opposite angle but...

Yeah we love them so much it is now the only credentials needed to be elected to the highest office. SAD!

We are riding the edge of stuff we are not supposed to discuss here. I do like what Elvis said. I own my own business and my business has no views on anything. I always want all of my customers to feel comfortable shopping here no matter what affiliation they have, no matter their nationality or sexual preference. They are the ones that make my life and my employees lives possible. I owe them everything and I will not forget that fact.

Stars like buisnesses need to realize this in this day and age. Why alienate when you can accept?!?


Thank um.. deity of your choice, we did not single out and rip on one certain party or candidate in any way.

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