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Do not buy Samsung front load washer machines...

Yes the people that brought you the exploding phone.
This Samsung front load washing machine we got was like 6 years old, AND it was the TOP rated on Consumer Reports!
Now it was pretty, and I guess it worked ok, but to me 6 years is too early for this to break.
Now you can get it fixed at a cost of say $400.00 if you call a guy and say $230.00 if you do it yourself but then you still have a midlife washer.

The Samsung dryer we bought at the same time broke like one year after we got it but I fixed that with a new hating element I replaced myself.

Don't know how it rates on Consumer Reports now but here is the rub, the part that rusts causing the thing to stop spinning is STILL used on this machine 6 years later and is used on other types of washers too.
I don't think I trust Consumer Reports as much as I used to.

Samsung those bastards give you a 10 year warranty on the motor, BUT the motor is fine on this thing it's the drive shaft that goes out and it's not covered.
Plus to fix the drive shaft you need to remove a bunch of stuff from the back and then a ton of stuff from the front of this machine.
Then change drive and all the gaskets.

Saw a Consumer Reports article that said appliances should only last about 7 to 8 years that's BS!
Now we only have two people using this washer, my mom had like 7 people and that dam thing was running all the time.
It lasted forever.

We got a Speed Queen to replace it as all the people who repair machines said they were best.
And it was hard as heck to find a Speed Queen washer to buy.

FU! Samsung!

Now South Korean prosecutors seek warrant to arrest Samsung head for bribery.
This is a shifty company and you should watch out when looking at buying the stuff they sell.

See the part here....
Do not buy Samsung front load washer machines!


Even worse. Here's a reply to the video you posted:

...all manufacturers have this problem it's not limited to just Samsung it is also a Whirlpool an LG and Maytag and Electrolux and GE they all have the same stuff and I know because I do appliance repair this also happens because of the Soaps and bleach for hard water

They all suck


Yeah I said that kind of here.
"the part that rusts causing the thing to stop spinning is STILL used on this machine 6 years later and is used on other types of washers too"

But there are other machines that don't use this part and would hate for others to get burned as we did.
Do you think 6 years is an ok life time for a washer used by two people.

The washer in that video was only what 4 years old?

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